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Russian manufacturer of salt control systems for submerged oil production equipment is looking for distributors

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The Russian company produces electromagnetic equipment to prevent scaling on submersible oil production equipment. The Russian company is looking for reliable partners in their oil industry to conclude mutually beneficial distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from the city of Ufa was founded in 1992. The main activities of the company:
• Construction of oil and gas wells with complex trajectories;
• Development and production of technical detergents (TMS);
• Development and production of systems to combat salt deposition, both in downhole and onshore equipment. The Russian company has a scientific and technical unit, where more than 50 patents in key areas of activity. There is a project unit where more than 70% of our own developments are successfully developed and implemented, as well as our own laboratory. The Russian company produces electromagnetic equipment to prevent scaling on submersible oil production equipment. The resonance-wave complex (RVK) is a patented device for processing well fluid. Under the influence of an alternating electromagnetic field, the active formation of small crystals in the fluid volume with a changed structure takes place, which is carried to the surface without being deposited on submersible equipment. The impact occurs along the entire wellbore - from the bottom to the mouth. The composition of this equipment includes:
• downhole block RVK (resonance-wave complex) with protective centralizer
• submersible block
• ground block TMS (technical detergents) - E5-01
The equipment is connected directly to the base of the immersion part. The power is received by sedimentary motor winding. Such equipment is used in oil and gas production.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the oil and gas industry for long-term relationships and to conclude a distribution services agreement. Under this agreement, foreign partners will receive high-quality Russian goods for their production needs, which will improve the quality of products, the company's image, and profit. Under this agreement, the Russian company will supply products to partners for their further distribution through large networks. The Russian company wants to cooperate with foreign partners in order to deepen joint development, introduce new technologies and exchange experience, as well as in the further distribution of its products. In addition, the Russian company can produce products under its own brand and expand the partner’s trading line, since the products of the Russian company comply with all EU standards.

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- Lack of additional work on the installation and maintenance of this complex, periodic acid treatments of wells, selection, and delivery of chemicals - This equipment allows you to effectively protect against oil scaling oil production equipment during the entire period of operation - All products of the company have various certificates and are developed according to GOST

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Already on the market

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Type - SMEs, large companies Role - a foreign partner will buy electromagnetic equipment to prevent scaling of a Russian company for its further distribution among its current client portfolio and through online networks under distribution services agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500