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Russian manufacturer of transport services is looking for distributors

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Road Vehicles
Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts


A Russian company produces a hardware-software solution with an automated short-term rental service management system for vehicles. The company is looking for reliable partners for further cooperation to conclude a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from the city of Orel was established in 2005. The main activities are the production and sale of onboard equipment for vehicle monitoring and dispatch systems.
The company offers a wide range of telematics equipment and location monitoring for cars and trucks, containers and cargo, towed mobile units, river vessels. This software allows processing data and monitor vehicle movement in real-time when using GPS in On-line mode.
The device supports two SIM cards and also has a CAN interface for reading data from the vehicles CAN bus, their processing and further transfer to the server. The device supports the EGTS protocol. The device has the optional ability to support SD cards up to 4 GB in size.
Navigation and telematic equipment combine a high level of functional characteristics reliability and low implementation costs.
• 2 SIM cards / SIM card + chip-SIM (optional
• Support for microSD cards up to 4 GB
• Meets the requirements for systems and hardware-software navigation solution to the federal order for supervision in the field of transport No. 285
• Supports EGTS protocol
• Autoinformer
• Bluetooth
• RS-232, RS-485, CAN; K-Line, USB-Device, 1-Wire, 7 Inputs, 6 Outputs
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the transport and electronic fields to conclude a distribution services agreement. The company is interested in the joint development of technological chains. Under the agreement, the searched partner will distribute the products of the Russian company through large retail chains and other countries.

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• On-line vehicle monitoring provides a new quality of fleet and freight management • Increasing the transparency of transport activities allows increasing the economic return on each unit of transport • Control and correction of driving style significantly reduces the cost of maintenance caused by exceeding the permissible conditions when operating the vehicle • Control of driving parameters significantly reduces risks and prevents “dangerous driving” and violation of traffic rules by drivers.

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Already on the market

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Type - SME, large companies Role - a foreign partner will buy products of a Russian company for its further distribution among their current client portfolio and through On-line networks Field of activity: companies engaged in cooperation with transport and electronic industries

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500