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Russian manufacturer of water treatment technologies is looking for foreign partners to conclude manufacturing agreement, distribution services agreement, and subcontracting.

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A Russian company from Sverdlovsk region offers the technology of water treatment, purification and conditioning of drinking water and wastewater on the basis of sorbents is looking for partners abroad to establish business cooperation in the framework of manufacturing agreement, distribution services agreement, and subcontracting.



The Russian company from the Sverdlovsk region since 1991 has been specializing in scientific and production activities. The company has extensive experience in audit and inspection of water management and the implementation of water treatment technologies for various industries.
The company has developed technologies for the purification of storm waters and wastewater, water purification from radionuclides, water treatment technology, purification and conditioning of drinking water. The innovative technology allows us to solve the problem of the treatment of industrial wastewater from the contaminants quickly and easily; much cheaper than that of counterparts; provide a high degree of purification. In addition, the technology can reduce water consumption by industrial enterprises through the use of the working capital cycle and return the treated water into the system.
Technologies implemented 10 large companies in Russia, including in the metallurgical and chemical plants.
The technology is based on the use of innovative sorbents-hydrosols having no analogs in the world and septic tanks - flocculation.
Designed sorbents have the following advantages:
• Effectively recovered heavy and non-ferrous metals;
• Possess a stoichiometric excess of sorption in relation to recoverable components;
• Do not alter the pH of the solution and its salt and component composition;
• Non-toxic and biologically inert;
• Significantly cheaper than existing analogs.
• Effectively adsorb various organic dirt and oil.
This technology allows provide low residual content contaminants in the purified water and to significantly increase the rate of water use.

The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the metallurgical, chemical, and other fields to establish business cooperation in the framework of manufacturing agreement, distribution services agreement, and subcontracting.
The expected result in the framework of the manufacturing agreement is solving the problem of water purification of a partner’s plant in the short term and in compliance with the required environmental requirements of a country of a partner.
The expected result in the framework of the distribution services agreement, a foreign partner will distribute Russian products in the foreign market and offer it to other companies.
The expected result in the framework of subcontracting will be allowing the general contractor to expand the range of customers for water purification and water treatment.

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The novelty of the proposed technology is the use of innovative proprietary sorbents. Disperse reagents are significantly higher sorption capacity of known natural sorbents. Water purification from colloidally dissolved substances by nano-several times more efficient as compared to conventional water treatment methods. Depending on the method of application of technological problems reagent may vary. The sorbent can be used both individually and together with coagulants and flocculants. Technology readiness level - TRL 7- TRL8. The scalability of the project. The technology is easily scaled and down and up. Can handle different volumes of wastewater: from 1 cubic meter per hour to several hundred cubic meters per hour for large metallurgical enterprises. Technology Advantages over analogs: • a significant increase in the utilization rate of water (up to 0.88); • high sorption capacity for cations and non-ferrous heavy metals; • a significant reduction in size and reduction of metal (2-3 times); • ease of maintenance technology; • relatively low cost (1.5-2.0 times cheaper analogs); • degree of purification compared to the above analogs 5-20 times (for various substances); • compactness and low power consumption of the processing line.

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Type: SME, large companies, companies engaged in the chemical industry, metallurgy Role: for a manufacturing agreement: as a result of this agreement, a foreign partner will be able to use Russian technologies in production; for a distribution services agreement: the partner orders scientific and technical research and development on the application of the proposed technology in production and will also distribute products on the foreign market to other companies; for subcontracting: a partner interested in the delegation of functions of water treatment to the client.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250