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A Russian company produces an aqueous dispersion of polyurethane with increased adhesion, using its own innovative technology for a wide range of applications. The company is looking for reliable partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from Kazan was founded in 2011. The company produces innovative materials, including hybrid thiol-containing polymers, urethane polymers, hybrid silicone-urethane polymers (MS-polymers), acrylic and polyurethane (PU) dispersions, polyurethane resins and various compositions based on these polymers. Sealants, mastics, adhesives, binders, compounds, and products are also produced using polymers and binders. Today, about 50% of double-glazed windows in Russia are already manufactured using this innovative polymer.
The main area of application of polyurethane dispersions is the coloring of wood and wood products (parquet, furniture, wooden window frames). Polyurethane dispersions are widely used in the construction industry for aqueous waterproofing membranes.
These polyurethane dispersions combine environmental friendliness (lack of solvents), one-component and high physical and mechanical properties (wear resistance, adhesion, strength, elasticity). In addition, these polymers are intended for use as a binder and/or film former, including water-dispersion paints and coatings. There are different ways of packing: 20 kg cans, 200 kg plastic barrels, 1000 kg plastic cubes.
Products are also exported to the countries of the Near and Far Abroad.
Manufacturer The Russian company is the main resident of the industrial site “Innopark Rozhdestveno”, located in the Laishevsky district of the Republic Tatarstan. The company has its own production and storage facilities with an area of ​​more than 6000 m2. There is a reactor park for the production of polymers (production capacity up to 4,500 tons/year) and mixing equipment (production capacity up to 4,000 tons/year).
The Russian company is looking for a foreign company from various areas (construction, chemical, petrochemicals, engineering, etc.) to conclude a distribution services agreement. Under the agreement, the Russian company will supply products to a foreign partner for further sale in foreign countries. The Russian company will be able to produce products under a private label and expand its partner's sales line. More specific terms of delivery and payment will be discussed after the first dialogue with a potential partner.

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• Guaranteed competitive prices in the market. Optimization of the production process allows maintaining the most acceptable price level. • Each product is certified and has a clearly defined specification of its properties. • The company has 5 candidates of sciences. There are own laboratories. • The aqueous dispersion of polyurethane, when used in combination with acrylic dispersions, improves the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials several times. • Properties of polyurethane dispersions are good mechanical strength and at the same time elasticity. • Advantage of polyurethane dispersions: they combine qualities such as chemical resistance and resistance to mechanical stress

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Type - Companies organizing sales; market monitoring; any enterprise engaged in the chemical, petrochemical, machine-building industries; small and medium enterprises Role - foreign companies will be official representatives of the manufacturer and will distribute Russian products between wholesale and retail sellers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500