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Russian producer of coal coke is looking for foreign partners to conclude distribution services agreements

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A Russian company specializes in the production of coke, black chalk, coal, bauxite with a low content of alumina, dolomite, and crushed stone. Mostly these products are used in the blast furnace and foundry. The company is looking for partners to conclude mutually beneficial distribution services agreements.



The Russian company from the Chelyabinsk region was founded in 2005.
Today it is an experienced dynamically developing company operating in the field of metallurgy and energy. The company employs experienced highly qualified specialists who undergo constant training and specialized courses.
The company is engaged in the production of coal coke, coal-containing materials, and artificial graphite. Coal coke is a solid, porous, combustible material obtained by calcining coal without oxygen. The company produces coal coke following fractions from 0.3 mm to +60 mm. Technical characteristics of coke: moisture, not more than 5%, ash content not more than 13%, volatiles yield not more than 0.6%, sulfur not more than 0.5%, and phosphorus, not more than 0.05%. The advantages of coal coke are that it has the maximum heat transfer, forms the minimum amount of waste after combustion, and also during production, there is minimal air pollution.
Mainly coal is used in blast furnaces and foundries.
The company also produces the carbonaceous material is a powder coal mixture. The material is made from anthracite raw materials by dry crushing and high-temperature treatment. Carbon-containing material has an ash content of 6-10%, volatile substances contain up to 4%, and the mass fraction of sulfur - up to 1%.
Carbon-containing material is used in various metallurgical processes in the smelting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Also, the material is used as a backfill to drain stray currents in the construction of wells, storages, pipelines. In chemical production, carbon-containing material is used for the manufacture of calcium and silicon carbide, phosphorus, soda, sodium sulfide, etc. In industry: for the production of sugar, electrodes, etc.
Products are shipped by rail cars, by road. Products are shipped both in bulk and in big-bag packaging and in plastic bags weighing 25-50 kg. The production capacity of the enterprise is about 5 million tons of coke per year. About 260 wagons of coal are processed at the enterprise daily.
The company cooperates with the metallurgical, iron-smelting, foundry, mineral wool, ferroalloy, machine-building, and other enterprises both throughout the territory of Russia and enterprises of near and far abroad.

The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the metallurgical industry to conclude a distribution services agreement. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian company will make planned deliveries to a foreign partner. The partner, in turn, is obliged to distribute Russian products to other metallurgical companies in the market.
Expected result: a Russian company will increase profits and get new partnership agreements, and a foreign partner will receive high-quality coal products for its needs

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- For each batch of goods, the company provides a certificate of product quality: its size, weight, and other characteristics. - The company implements the latest innovative designs in the field of ferroalloy development (bulk ferroalloys processing) and constantly raises energy efficiency. In 2018, the company implemented a number of measures to increase energy efficiency, the total effect of which amounted to more than 18.8 million rubles. - The basis of cooperation is an individual approach to each partner. The company offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation, taking into account various discounts and promotions. - Coal delivery is carried out by our own freight transport (there is our own fleet of vehicles), by rail to the destination station, which significantly reduces delivery time, price, and indirect costs.

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Type: SMEs, large companies, metallurgical companies, coal distribution companies. Role: the partner will distribute Russian products (coal coke, carbon-containing materials) to the market by other companies.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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