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Russian producer of glued beams is looking for distributors

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The Russian woodworking plant is specializing in the production of glued structural timber, offers a profiled glued beam for the erection of structures and is looking for partners abroad to conclude a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from the Novgorod region was founded in 2002. At the moment, it is one of the leading enterprises for the production of profiled glued beams. The company produces complete sets for the assembly of individual houses, structural beams for the construction of industrial structures, molded products, glued panels.
The company has its own raw material base. The raw material for the production of glued beams is spruce, pine, larch, harvested in ecologically clean areas of Valdai, Arkhangelsk region and Siberia. When selecting raw materials, the quality of the lumber is carefully checked with the help of power and acoustic installations. Next, the employees select externally clean slats, which are subject to further gluing. Also at this stage it is noted all wood with defects of the structure, down to the smallest of cracks. All defects that affect the strength of the slats are removed on high-precision machines. The company produces glued beams of any size with a height of up to 265 mm and a width of up to 235 mm, depending on the goal.
The company has its own production base with presses for gluing 12 and 13.5 meters, which makes it possible to embody the most daring architectural solutions and achieve high quality at all stages of work. The company dries wood using soft drying modes at a humidity of 8-10 %. Also in production, employees use a press machine that provides uniform pressure of 100 tons per sq. m. Employees strictly maintain the pressing time, as well as the time after gluing. Modern technologies are used in production, adapted to Russian and foreign climates. The company has installed the most modern European woodworking equipment, which provides the production of glued walls and structural elements. The company also uses an innovative Swiss company machine that provides the highest precision in the production of glued beams, which do not deform over time. The volume of production of up to 6500 m3 of glued timber structures per year.
Glued structural timber is used to make large-span structures, unique roofs, sports facilities, bridges, masts, power lines, and much more. It does not rot, is not affected by fungus, mold, and bugs.
The company monitors the quality of its products throughout the entire production cycle. Therefore, the products strictly follow the international certificates and the European quality standard DIN.
The company is looking for partners among the construction companies of companies to conclude a contract for distribution services. The company will provide the partner with all the necessary documentation and organize wholesale deliveries. The partner will be responsible for selling the products in the local market. As a result of such cooperation, both parties will increase their profits. The Russian company will also increase production and enter new international markets.

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- The company uses only environmentally friendly and high-quality material. For gluing products, an adhesive that does not contain melamine, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals are used. The adhesive is certified for the production of wooden structures without limiting the load class and operating conditions. - Glued timber has only 1-2% shrinkage compared to other lumber. And also glued timber is a fire-resistant building material. - Also, houses made of glued beams do not change their properties and qualities even after 30 years. A glued beam creates a microclimate and keeps the heat inside.

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Type of partner: SMEs Role: a partner from the construction field, the production of buildings, structures, furniture manufacturing will be engaged in the distribution of Russian glued beams on the foreign market