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Russian producer of plastic cutlery from polystyrene is looking for manufacturing orders

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A Russian company from the Penza region is engaged in the production of designer disposable tableware made of polystyrene. The company is looking for foreign manufacturing orders for products for the conclusion of a long-term manufacturing agreement.



The Russian company from the Penza region was founded in 2015. At the moment, the company is one of the three leaders in the production of disposable tableware. The company has its own production facilities. The company offers disposable cutlery.
The company develops lines of tableware in various colors, shapes and designs. In the process of comprehensive modernization of production, the latest modern equipment for the manufacture of molds, the production of plastic parts and plastic injection molding was purchased.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the food industry, the sphere of trade, to conclude a manufacturing agreement. The company will undertake the production of products (disposable tableware) made of polystyrene.
The company has a large selection of blanks for the manufacture of household and industrial goods — this will reduce the time required to complete the order. If there is no form for manufacturing the necessary products, the company's specialists will make it according to the drawings or sample of the partner. The staining of polystyrene is carried out with the use of environmentally friendly additives, which allows us to use our products in the food and medical field. Although the entire process is fully automated and the release of defects is practically excluded, before sending to the customer, absolutely all products undergo quality control. The potential partner will have to provide their technical requirements for the products as well as the proposed sketches for peach tableware. More precise details of the manufactured agreement will be discussed in person with the potential partner.

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- The products of the plant are light and durable, withstand a wide temperature range and high loads, do not lose their characteristics, shape and appearance throughout their entire service life. - The flexibility of its own production allows the company to set up the production of any volume of products-from wholesale batches of goods for the dealer network-to mass rhythmic delivery of parts to the conveyor lines of the largest factories. - The company provides services for the design, design and production of durable and reliable cutlery products. The company employs experienced designers

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Type: SMEs, large companies, wholesale companies, fast food chains, companies from the food industry Role: In accordance with the manufacturing agreement, a potential partner will have to submit their order for the production of durable and high-quality tableware. The partner must also attach the necessary technical characteristics of the manufactured devices.