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Russian supplier of equipment and materials for various engineering systems is looking for foreign distributors

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A Russian company supplies stationary equipment, parts and components of the pipeline, radiators, convectors, treatment facilities, and other materials for engineering systems. The company is looking for reliable foreign partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from Tver was founded in 2011. For several years, the Russian company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner.
The Russian company is the largest distributor of various industrial equipment and materials. The company supplies pipes, valves, industrial pumping units, air conditioning equipment, components and consumables for insulation, and sewage treatment plants. The products offered by the company meet the most modern requirements in the field of construction, installation, and engineering works.
The supplied PVC pipes, which are used for the construction of non-pressure underground outdoor sewage pipelines, are completely environmentally friendly. All delivered pipes have a service life of at least 50 years, corrosion resistance, and also installation without special tools. Industrial pumping stations are needed in municipal utilities, in large industries. The main convenience of the system is a constant supply of water, which is replenished with an empty storage tank.
The company purchases all equipment from leading manufacturers such as WILO, BOSH, LD, ADL, and others. Equipment and materials are made of high-quality components, therefore, have a long service life. All equipment has all the necessary permits, certificates, and passports. Also, the equipment passed the European certification of ISO 9001: 2008. The company works both with the major building and project organizations, investors, municipal clients, and private parties. Over the years, the company has established a supply of products in more than 85 regions of Russia. The company also has experience with European partners. In recent years, the Russian company has concluded a lot of supply contracts with countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, China, etc. The company delivers throughout the Russian Federation, both with its own transport and with third-party carriers (transport companies and/or courier services). The cost of delivery of goods is determined depending on the location of the partner and the volumetric and weight characteristics of the delivered batch.
If necessary, the company can consult, calculate, and select the necessary equipment and materials for the partner.

The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the construction design, and other industrial sectors to conclude a distribution services agreement. The Russian partner will deliver a batch of products that the partner will have to distribute in its market. With the products received, the partner will be accompanied by instructions for use or implementation as well as the technical characteristics of the products.
The expected result for a Russian company is to expand the distribution of products and increase the company's profits.

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- The Russian company personally tests equipment and materials and also checks the health of all equipment before sending products to a partner. After all the successful testing, the company carefully packs the products in a special film. - Equipment is delivered at a clearly designated time and place. if there is any delay, the Russian company provides a discount for the delivery of products. - Also, the company performs commissioning, commissioning of the supplied equipment. Therefore, if a partner needs any help with equipment commissioning, a Russian company can always consult online or by mail. - Monthly, a Russian company makes more than 1000 deliveries of equipment to various regions and other countries.

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Already on the market

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Type: SMEs, large companies, construction, engineering, company projects, trading companies Role: a foreign partner will advertise and promote Russian products in its market. The expected result from this cooperation: a foreign partner will be able to increase profits.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250