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Russian wholesaler of eco-cosmetics and home care products is looking for distributors.

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A Russian company specializes in wholesale and retail trade of ecologically clean food products (honey, teas, vegetarian products, nuts and dried fruits, useful sweets, etc.), eco-cosmeticians and home care means is looking for partners for cooperation within a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region specializes in the implementation of environmentally friendly food, cosmetics and household products from high-quality raw materials. The company was founded in 2015.
The company offers more than 3000 products from carefully selected suppliers: herbal teas (ivan-tea, herbal teas, medicinal preparations), healthy food (wholemeal flour, bran, fiber, products from polba, cereals for germination), useful products (cedar products, dietary supplements), healthy snacks (bars, natural snacks, granola, muesli, natural instant cereals, natural bread and chips), useful sweets (pastille, jam, chocolate, sweets, honey, cookies), natural vitamins (cold pressed vegetable oil, fruit and berry drinks, phyto-berry sweets, candied fruits), eco-cosmetics and cosmetics (natural eco-cosmetics, eco-care products for the house, eco-impregnation for wood).
The company is interested in establishing cooperation with foreign distributors of food, cosmetics and household products.
The company is ready to implement this type of cooperation, providing all the necessary documentation, information on possible delivery volumes, providing the partner with the opportunity to carry out resale operations to its customers upon the partner's request.
The expected result for the Russian company is the expansion of export supplies and profit, for an international partner is commercial reward for the sale of products.

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- A wide range of products, more than 3,000 items; - Use of quality products from different manufacturers; - Establishment of competitive prices for products through direct contacts with manufacturers; - Well-adjusted wholesale and retail sales of products and constant expansion of the range; - Well-functioning logistics service; - Compliance with the necessary storage conditions (constancy of temperature and humidity); - Sealed packaging, which guarantees the preservation of the taste and aroma of products.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner: SME. Field of activity: distributors of food, cosmetics, and household products. PartnerĀ“s roles: to obtain the company's production for further distribution.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250