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Sanitizing technology for cold and hot drinks vending machines

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An Italian SME has fully developed and tested an innovative technology to have a significant reduction of dangerous substances found inside vending machines during their common use. The new process does not need operators to be run, can be custom set for each single machine and does not use chemicals or soap. No waste liquid or solid substances are released during or at the end of the process. The SME is looking for commercial and/or technical partnership agreements.



Vending machines for not-bottled cold and hot drinks are commonly located in areas where many people pass through. Cleanliness of those ambients can be critically reduced by several uncontrolled causes. For this reason one of the critical problems to be faced is to ensure that no dangerous substances like bacteria or mold can be present inside the machine during use and none of those substances could be found in served drinks.
Manual cleaning of the machines is scheduled by companies that manage all maintenance operations (refilling, cleaning, etc.): these operations are made once in a day at most, but many machines are cleaned once in a week.
The technology developed by the company is an electronic device that works several times a day, can be fully customized in timing (frequence and duration), does not require any operator and gives no waste to be drained.
By using this electronic device installed inside the vendor machine, a safe sanitization treatment runs automatically; the treatment is done inside the water tank, in the cup filling space and inside the waste liquid tank.
With the treatment all drinks are prepared in a safe condition and no smell comes out from waste liquid tank.
This device can be installed on any existing vendor machine and needs a simple initial setting before starting to work automatically.

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The advantages and/or innovations of the SME's process are that it allows a safe and constant cleaning of the machine, it is an automatic process, there is no waste liquid and there is no use of chemicals.

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Already on the market

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Vending machines producers or companies that manage vending machines distribution.