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Scaling up of fermentation processes

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Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Fermentation
Research and experimental development on biotechnology


A Spanish biotech company, specialised in marine microbiology and natural products chemistry, offers fermentation technology and more than 15 years of expertise to entities involved in fermentation projects with the need of method development and scale up from laboratory to industrial scale. The partners sought are companies, universities and R&D institutions, in the fields of agriculture, pharma, health, food and cosmetics, interested in manufacturing and financial agreement.



The Spanish company has unique libraries of 80.000 strains, 70.000 microbial extracts and more than 1000 pure natural compounds used for the development of products and processes for key industrial sectors, such as human & animal health, cosmetics, agriculture and food industry.

Besides the collections and R&D capabilities, the company is specialized in approaching next steps for a consistent and profitable production for industrial applications: the pilot scale.

A team of experts in microbiology and chemistry would study and design the experiments needed to boost the production and minimize the costs associated to the process. They are also experts in maximizing the production during the fermentation and optimizing the downstream steps to obtain high yields in a cost-effective manner. More than 15 years of experience have resulted in a deep knowledge in microbial metabolism, media development, fermentation parameters optimization and purification techniques to move promising projects into industrial opportunities.

The expert team leverages the optimization of both upstream and downstream processes applied to both, biomass recovery and highly pure substances.

The company is interested in manufacturing and financial agreement with companies, R&D institutions and academia of sectors as health, pharma, cosmetics, agriculture and food industry with interest in scaling up or optimizing fermentation process. Nevertheless, as a small company, the business model is flexible and depends on the project scope, risks, innovation and purpose, so the company is open to different business approaches.

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The company will make, literally, client's project grow: - The client idea is what really matters: the company will take care of client’s project as it would be its own, protecting its integrity and its scope throughout the process. - Feel the confidence of being in good hands: with more than 15 years of experience, the company highly qualified team will work hand in hand with the client to tailor an experimental design. - Leave optimization to the company: identifying critical parameters, limiting factors and bottleneck is the company expertise. The experimental designs are focused in identification of critical parameters, limiting factors and bottlenecks - Scale it up: from lab to pre-industrial stage, the company in-house bioreactors will turn your idea into a real product ready for the next step. - Results is what the company need: the company will deliver an easy to replicate, efficient and robust process. The tech transfer dossier will guide the client through every step. The process delivered by the company is easy to replicate, efficient and robust. - The client have company's back: the client can count on the company technical support to follow client’s project growth.

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Field tested/evaluated

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Partners sought are companies, R&D institutions and universities interested or in needed of innovative fermentation processes with strong industrial potential in the fields of agriculture, pharma, food and cosmetics. Companies should have a suitable production process and seek for optimizing and producing larger amounts for further studies. The collaborations desired are manufacturing or financial agreement.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500