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Seeking co-development partners for a gaming service platform targeted at brand marketers

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A Singapore games development SME is keen to co-develop a Hyper Casual Arcade (HCA) gaming platform targeted at brand marketers. The platform will provide a library of crowdsourced, ready-made games with simple workflow and personalised features such as predictive marketing and AI to enable marketers to engage with customers and generate leads. The SME seeks to partner SMEs from the EUREKA Network via licensing/research cooperation, with the interests to jointly apply for funding.



In today's competitive consumer world, customers are more easily engaged with content that is entertaining, interactive and trendy. In particular, HCA games or instant games have the potential to engage customers due to its inherent entertaining and interactive nature. Using game-based marketing techniques, HCA games when designed with the right mechanisms, have the potential to leverage on social media to bring further awareness to businesses.

Advertising within HCA games is proven, with approximately 660 million users playing HCA games across the globe in 2018 according to industry reports, with the genre generating around 22 million app installs each day. However, despite being one of the fastest-growing media verticals, the effort to use HCA games to engage customers is still rare. Marketers do not give the same importance towards HCA games in contrast with other traditional media. The lack of understanding of the gaming culture and the effort to use games for branding are the leading reasons why HCA games are not more widely used by marketers.

The established Singapore games development company aims to provide a streamlined marketer's workflow by providing crowdsourced, ready-made HCA games so that marketers do not need to develop HCA games from scratch. The platform also uses predictive marketing to help marketers overcome their lack of knowledge about gaming culture. By providing direct measurables for businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of HCA games in generating leads and engaging their customers, the platform aims to reduce the resistance from marketers to use HCA games to engage their customers.

The platform will allow marketers to:
1) Select pre-made HCA games as part of the campaign, from a library of HCA games
2) Directly embed discount vouchers and control brand banner placement within the game as rewards
3) Schedule a broadcast to their existing customers through instant messaging platforms
4) Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to segmentise their customer base and match the right genre of game with the right customer segment for maximum engagement
5) Use predictive marketing to determine the best time to send games to potential customers
6) Use Chatbots to continue and engage customers through their instant messenger platform to broadcast the game and send them other news and promotional materials
7) Use HCA games to onboard customers who visited their website or business outlet to the businesses' instant messaging marketing channel
8) Use game-based marketing techniques to further incentivise customers to share the game on social media and benefit from the social media multiplier effect.

The Singapore SME is keen to partner SMEs with the relevant expertise/technologies that are from participating EUREKA Countries under the EUREKA GlobalStars Singapore call to collaborate on a project via licensing or research cooperation agreements.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
The Singapore company is seeking partner companies with the following expertise to co-develop the gaming service platform for brand marketers: - Hyper Casual Game Publishing Houses with the experience of publishing hyper-casual games and understanding of player engagement. - Hyper Casual Game Engine Developers with the experience of developing game engines to facilitate the creation of hyper-casual games. - Social Media Marketing Experts with the experience of measuring customer engagement, banner placement, click tracking and customer segmentation. - Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Developers with the experience of developing AR technologies and applying it to businesses in the lifestyle sector.

Partner sought

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The Singapore company is keen to partner SMEs and startups of all sizes under the EUREKA Network via the following types of partnerships: i) Licensing Agreement - The partner could be a hyper casual publishing house, game engine developer, AR technology developer with the technologies which the Singapore SME can license to further develop into new products or services. ii) Research Cooperation - The partner could be in the social media marketing industry interested to undertake joint R&D with the Singapore company to further develop it to introduce to new customers or market segments.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom