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Seeking investors or partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance for their high performance wax

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A UK inventor offers a high-performance wax to the automobile industry and the leisure marine industry. The inventor is looking for partners interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance to manufacture the product and they are also seeking financial agreements with investors. The wax is a development of an existing coating used for wind turbine protection adapted and modified to meet the requirements of high-end motor and marine transport.



In the automobile industry and leisure marine industry, performance, surface protection and resilience are the biggest problems for the vehicles.

A UK inventor, based in South East England, has developed high performance waxes from a type of wax, that was originally developed for protection of wind turbine blades against fouling. This range of high-performance waxes uses a combination of waxes and polymers not generally associated with surface protection. However, the inventor has included additional materials in the wax further enhancing its physical qualities.

The product has been used and tested on a number of classic and luxury cars for two years and for one year on open water leisure marine vessels.

The wax is easily applied by hand or personal equipment. When the vehicle is cleaned, these waxes benefit from rebuffing, which encourages reattachment to the surface, and re-orientates the material components to ensure maximum hydrophobicity.

The original formulation was applied to a private vehicle in May 2018 and continues to provide exceptional surface protection. Since then, the car has needed to be cleaned less frequently, due to much lower road film build up, and by periodic rebuffing of the surface, the condition is retained.

In January 2019, a major UK award winning auto detailing enthusiast remarked that such waxes should be developed for the luxury marque / classic car markets where protection, performance and resilience is seen as a requisite to maintain their vehicles. The outcome of that conversation is that multiple samples have been supplied and assessed by luxury brand auto owners. Their responses have been consistent with the desired impact of the product.

In the latter part of 2019, the formulation was expanded at the request of marine enthusiasts seeking a surface agent to reduce / eliminate biofouling for both above and below the water line, for use in fresh and open water. To date, after almost a year after using the product, there has been very minimal biofouling, this compares favourably with the current market protection product.

Further benefits are seen through reduced need of cleaning and recovery of surface finish when buffed, even months after application.

Future upscaling of production can be delivered ranging from artisan, toll manufacturing or in-house production using fairly basic plant and equipment or at low relative capital expenditure.

The UK inventor is seeking partners who can work on a commercialization path with the company for this high-performance wax and is offering a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The inventor is also interested in talking to investors in relation to financial agreement

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Maximum hydrophobicity Reduced need of cleaning Eliminate biofouling

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Field tested/evaluated

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UK inventor is keeping its formula as trade secret and interested in talking to partners, who have either access to automobile industry or marine vessels. Expected partner will be offered a commercial agreement with technical assistance and will be expected to either manufacture the product or have access to manufacturers to do that. UK inventor is also interested in talking to investors over financial agreement. Potential investors are expected to have connections within either the automobile industry or marine industry.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500