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Seeking researchers to test and co-develop new applications for aortic pressure monitor that delivers a users' 'heart age'

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A UK company has developed a pulse reader and app that calculates your 'heart age' based on aortic stiffness, an indicator of developing (and reversible) illnesses. They are seeking industry and academic researchers from the healthcare sector who might use the device in their studies or to explore new applications for the device, via research cooperation agreement. They are also seeking distributors of healthcare devices to take the product to new markets under a business offer.



Aortic stiffness is a common sign of aging and cardiovascular problems. An increasing focus on preventative healthcare has led to a new interest in seeking a noninvasive measure of aortic stiffness, as well as determining and proving its presence as an indicator of chronic illnesses.

The UK company has developed a product that is wireless and uses bluetooth to connect to a smartphone or tablet. Each test takes 30 seconds and provides immediate results.

The product is not a medical device, but is a fingertip pulse reader that detects and records arterial pulsations in the user's finger. The product transmits these recordings to an app on an iOS/Android device and translates them into a pulse wave for display and analysis. The device also measures real-time heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

The device measures Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity to determine Internal Age. Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV) is the gold standard of Aortic Stiffness measurement. Aortic Stiffness has been proven in a wealth of scientific literature to be a marker of risk of developing heart disease, dementia, and risk of death from all causes, but it is reversible with positive lifestyle choices such as increased movement, improved diet, and lowered stress.

The UK company is seeking companies or researchers who might be interested in finding new applications for the product or who who could use the product to support their other research. The company is also keen to work with universities or researchers to further test the efficacy of the device - they are working towards a scientifically-supported claim for 'wellness'. They are seeking a broad variety of partners via research cooperation agreement.

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- Fast: In just 30-seconds, your internal age is immediately calculated and results are sent to a mobile device - Non-invasive, no pain, no cords, clips to the index finger - AoPWV Monitoring Monitor Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity, the gold standard of Aortic Stiffness testing.

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Type: Academia or Industry Activity: Research into preventative medicine and diagnoses Specific role of partner sought: The testing of the aortic stiffness measurement device to determine broader claims of efficacy, or to adapt the device to new, as yet unknown, applications.