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Senior friendly software for care professionals to engage older adults in care home settings

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A young UK company has tested many modules in an app that makes it easy to share information between an elderly resident, a care home, the carers and the family. They seek care homes and care networks to test the modules further under technical cooperation and adopt solutions that fit their situation best.



The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on care professionals responsible for the wellbeing of seniors. There is less of direct contact with the seniors and also, there is less time to discuss any issues with other carers or family and friends. The UK company has developed an app (screenshots below) that is helping them care for these seniors using technology that is easy and simple for seniors to use. Healthcare professionals can now virtually checkin on their patients, communicate easily with inapp text, voice and video calls by simply tapping a face. They can follow daily events and trends:
• Get daily check-ins with feedback on the senior’s mood and activity;
• Measure the overall happiness score of seniors taken care of;
• Spotlight staff members building a great rapport with residents;
• Analyse emerging health trends at the local facility and strategically plan for the future;
• Benefit from efficiencies in communication and coordination.
Additionally, they can provide regular updates on care practices, daily activities and exercises that are shared with seniors with prompts to join in. The family can be notified about how their elder is doing on a daily basis and over time at a glance on their mobile devices.
Healthcare professionals have praised the sharing of information in this way which saves them a lot of time, increases convenience and provides families with peace of mind. Many modules of the app have been tested and the company is now looking for partners to join its Beta programme to co-create specific products for care homes. The type of cooperation is going to be technical cooperation.

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There are solutions on the market that focus on the quality of medical data shared in the care system. The new app focusses on ease of use by both the resident, the carers and the family. The result being that care is coordinated in a timely and stress free manner, senior and family engagement improves the mood of the senior and any signals of stress or a negative impact on wellbeing get picked up quicker. Early detection and resolution can save costs and improve senior quality of life.

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Available for demonstration

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Type of partner sought: industry, government and third sector. Specific area of partner sought: care homes or care related communities and networks. Role of partner sought: by joining the programme, they will help test and experience modules of the app, co-create features and reporting data that best fit their particular situation under a technical co-operation.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500