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A Serbian agricultural producer of truffle premium products is looking for partners through commercial and distribution agreements

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A Serbian food company is in the truffles business, from planting, hunting and processing truffles into premium products. The core products are truffles premium products combined with fruit or vegetable such as sunflowers, peach, carrot etc., and truffles with different kind of oils and minerals. All its products are without preservatives and additives. Partners through commercial and distribution agreements are of the interest of the company.



The company is located in Serbia, known region by the truffles (the third place in the world). The company is specialised in truffle hunting, plantation, processing and producing premium products. It has been in the truffle business since 2010. It has successful cooperation with a team of 13 truffle hunters, and with the owner of dog kennel which trains dogs for truffle hunting.
The company cooperates with many researchers and research institution including the Faculty of sciences, the Institute of Food Technology and the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad. It also cooperates with consultants in the field of project management, innovation, development, gastronomy, marketing, equipment design and visual design.
The company is supported by the major distributors of premium products on domestic market, and by several distributors abroad (Canada, Switzerland, Russia, etc.). Its truffle based products are used in preparation of delicacies served by several restaurants characterized with top class offer. The company sells 80% of its products on the domestic market.
The company has developed 20 premium products that are different from existing industrial products because additives and flavor enhancers have been omitted. Its products are based on natural balances of active biological components.
The main products are:
• black truffles in pear jam
• extra virgin olive oil with black truffle aroma
• black truffles in spicy marinade
• black truffles in olive oil.
• sea salt with truffle chunks
• black truffles in orange jam
• cream blossom honey with truffles
• vegan mayonnaise with black truffles
• sunflower spred with black truffles
• black truffles in tomato sauce 5% black truffles
• black truffles in plum condiment 10% black truffles
• tartufata black truffles with cream 5% tuber aestivum
The company is interested in placing its products on the EU market by:
commercial agency agreement with a rebate of 2-5% and promote material.
A contract for the distribution of products and services with a specialized distributor, which may be of an exclusive nature. The company offers an annual purchase of 40% of its production at a price of 5-10% depending on the type of products.

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The company has following advantages: • The company cooperates with a team of nine experts, include: 5 PhD, 4 innovators as technologist, mechanical engineer, expert for modeling in processing technology. • The company has a strategic partner who is in the business of truffle hunting tourism, plantation of truffle hazelnut seedlings and the La Goto Romagnolo dog kennel for truffle hunting. • The company also works in cooperation with other companies and experts, due to the application of different technologies, where semi-finished products are prepared and then finalized in the company with the use of truffles (the process is very demanding because truffles have specific properties). • The company is present on domestic and foreign markets, such Canada, Russia, Swizerland • The company has HCCP system, with audit certificate • All products are without preservatives and additives

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Already on the market

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Type: Agrofood Activity: distributors of premium food products, agent with the contact with premium stores and exclusive restaurants, health food stores, etc. Role: In commercial agency agreement, it is expected from the partner to promote and represent products of the company. In distribution agreement, it is expected from the partner to have broad network and to sell the products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250