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Serbian company is offering its services of development, manufacturing and installation of systems for production automation for subcontracting

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Plant Design and Maintenance
Process control equipment and systems
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A Serbian company is offering its services as subcontractor related to automatisation of the production process, diagnostics, and auditing of necessary improvements of the already existing equipment. The company can also produce components, tools, machines and whole production lines in the framework of subcontracting. The company is a partner to major international pneumatic and robotics part manufacturers and has an integrated and multi-disciplinary team of engineers.



Serbian company is established in 2002 and has a core activity in the development of systems for the automation of production.
The company is a partner of four major international companies for industrial pneumatic machines and robotics: Since 2004, the company is also a distributor and representative for a major industrial pneumatics company. In the year 2007, the company started its mechanical workshop. In 2012, the company became a system integrator for robotics for major robotic equipment producers.

The company is integrated and multi-disciplinary with different technologies in a small organisational format. The company is engaged in the development, mechanical and electrical design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the complete machines and systems to automate the process of production. The company is capable of producing various complex solutions for the paper industry, food processing, metal processing and machine industry, and other industries. The company uses software tools for design (3D CAD / CAM design, EPLAN software package, packages for programmable logic controller - PLC and supervisory control and data acquisition - SCADA software). Machining processes running on modern CNC (computer numerical control) machines. The company is capable to produce complex parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies according to demand. The company also performs repair and modernisation of the drive (hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric) and control systems (PLC, CNC) as well as complete installation of machinery and equipment including disassembly, diagnostics, service with the necessary reconstruction, installation and commissioning.

The company is looking for partners who consider, develop, or execute machine modernisation projects and/or new production equipment acquisitions. The company can as a subcontractor provide parts or whole machines and automatic production lines, and produce related tools, components, and parts according to the demands of the client. The company can also perform diagnostics and auditing of necessary improvements of the already existing equipment in the early stages of retrofitting or acquisitions of the production equipment.

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The SME can carry out automation in light and heavy industry according to the clients' demands. They have the experience, know-how, and equipment to solve complex problems in the field of automation of production. The advantages of the company are (1) experienced staff, (2) integration, i.e., the company has a multidisciplinary team, and (3) equipment involving different technologies in a small and adaptable organisation to client demands. The company has a project bureau for electronic and mechanical CAD design, as well as for the development of all PLC and CNC software, along with the production plant using precise CNC and CAM technologies, and the assembly and service department. The company can retrofit and upgrade existing machines to automate the processes with the latest automation technology, including the re-working and redesigning of the controls, hardware, and software. Improvements after modernising systems achieved by the company are the following: Increase in production capacity Reduction of downtimes and downtimes Improved manufacturing quality through higher precision Easier operation Better integration of the plant into the production chain Use of common programming languages such as Step7, IEC, or PLC open. Simple connection to LAN, Internet and/or remote diagnostics Easy data exchange with a control system / BDE through standard interfaces (eg OPC server) Long-term availability of cheaper spare parts and local supply Direct parts procurement and customer service at the manufacturers Update on new standards and safety technology Energy savings The innovations that the company has implemented include: improved blacksmithing of long cylindrical parts, custom made the horizontal hydraulic press, robotic forging line with hydraulic presses 1000t and 350t, and retrofit and upgrade of the 1250 t hydraulic press.

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Type of Partner - Manufacturer of industrial equipment for the paper industry, food processing, metal processing, and machine industry, and other industries. - The project company installing equipment to manufacturing / industrial companies and that can provide the project task. Role of Partner - needs subcontracting services for automation, - needs subcontracting service for diagnostics of the equipment, - needs service related to the reconstruction and retrofitting of existing equipment, - machines and automatic production lines, and production of related tools, components, and parts according to the demands of the client.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500