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Serbian company specialized in designing mini solar power plants is looking for partner under commercial agreement with technical assistance or service agreement

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A Serbian company founded in 2010 dedicated to developing projects, introducing energy efficiency measures and the implementation of renewable energy sources in the Balkan region. The company offers feasibility and justification study, consulting and drafting of all project documentation, design and turnkey project solutions. The company is looking for partners through a commercial agreement with technical assistance or service agreement



The company was founded in 2010 in Belgrade and now it is a fast-growing company. The company consists of mechanical, electrical, construction, traffic and technological experts and other engineers.with significant experience and excellent references in the preparation and implementation of projects in the following areas:
• energy efficiency in construction and industry
• use of renewable energy sources - solar, hydro, geothermal, wind and biomass energy
• implementation of cogeneration plants
• process optimization
• eco-mobility.

Working on numerous energy audits, project feasibility studies, financial analyses as well as working on technical control of projects, this company has gained prestigious references which enabled it to be ranked among the best examples of good practice in Serbia.

The company offers the following services:
• Developing all types of projects, studies, elaborations, technical due diligence reports, techno-economic analyses of power plants.
• Implementation of renewable energy sources and cogeneration plants.
• Introduction of hybrid systems that parallely connect the facility and the consumer in the facility with the solar power plant and the electric car charger.
• Technical support for investors and banks, as well as technical support for the establishment and placement of dedicated credit lines for EE/RES.
• consulting and drafting of all types of project documentation (general, preliminary, main projects and as-built projects).
• consulting in the field of preparation and introduction of energy management systems in industrial companies and companies at the local level (municipalities and cities).
• information technologies in the field of energy savings and implementation of technologies that have a positive effect on the environment

The company is looking for reliable business partners to start a long-term cooperation based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company offers a professional approach to the project, complete technical documentation and customer support.

The company is looking for partners through a commercial agreement with technical assistance and partners through a service agreement.

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• Ten years of experience in energy technologies related to improving energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources. • Over 15 MW of solar power plants. • High level of flexibility in adapting to different projects and systems in accordance with the requirements and needs of clients. • Design of solar canopies in a wide range of sizes, shapes and types. It is suitable for hotels, motels and private accommodations whose guests own electric cars. They differ from classic solar panels because they are designed to further protect cars or usable areas from rain and hail. • Products are modular, have the ability of easily expanding the surface. • There are possibility of delivery of complete turn-key solutions. • Use of modern software tools for product design and automatization of products. • Competitive prices.

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Already on the market

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Partner Type: Industry, business. Activity: Companies working in the field of electrical design and industrial automatization process; companies working in the field of hospitality and tourism services; companies engaged in food, water filtration, pharmaceutical and beverage industries which need mini solar power plants. Potencial partners are companies that work in the car industry, agriculture and turizm services. Role: The partner is expected to submit technical documentation and project tasks for the company's services, such as the design of solar canopies and solar power plants.

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SME 11-50