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A Serbian IT agency with focus on developing customer relationship management (CRM) program for small and medium enterprises is looking for partner through commercial agency and services agreement.

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A company from Serbia develops CRM software for SMEs with all elements necessary for the organization of sales, purchase, marketing, human resource (HR) department, as well as warehouse business, production and cost monitoring. The company is looking for small and medium enterprises through service agreement. Also, the company is interested in commercial agency agreement.



The company is established in 2007 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The main activity is developing software solutions that contribute to sales development and support, integrating all company’s systems and sectors for the purpose of sales and profit-making. That is done in specific way, by observing buyer as an individual single him/her out from the same or similar ones based on data collected in the CRM. Furthermore, the company deals with performances of each of individuals and sectors within the chain to after-sale activities.
The owner of the company has acquired her competencies and knowledge through long-term work in the company Wurth Serbia on the positions of key account manager and later brand office manager.
As a member of the development team, she took participation in the education by Wurth Academy in Germany and Switzerland, and on the basis of her knowledge and experience from the field, together with other members of the development team, worked on the development and improvement of CRM. At the same time, she completed Erickson Coaching Academy in Vancouver, in order to while developing program, she was developing and implementing employees in all sectors.
In addition, a part of the team is a top developer who, based on his skills and knowledge acquired in foreign corporations, creates and develops elements of CRM.
As a result of successful work, a software program has been created which represents methodology and concrete principle/tool of work at the same time.
The program has been developed in order to give support to sales and production at first place, and then using its logistics, analysis and statistics gives directions to the management for further steps in developing of sales and its channels, logistics, procurement, as well as the development of marketing strategy for each channel separately of for each customer individually.
Apart from Serbia, this program is used by companies from Slovakia, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia and from different industries.
The advantage of the company's work is the adjustment and modifications needed to small and medium-sized enterprises when it comes to the uniqueness of their processes in the company.
The company is interested in finding a partner through a service agreement. Under this agreement, the company offers software solution, education and after-sales services, as well as the possibility to modify the program depending on the specific request by business.
Also, the company is looking for partners through a commercial agency agreement. Under this agreement, the company offers financial compensation, as well as bonuses for achieving goals, as well as education how to use the program properly, with all supporting materials.

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• The company is present in the following markets: Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece • The main advantages are: its simplicity, access to user interface and adjustment to the different activities, from production to services • Program can be adjusted to every client individually; it contains all the features and parameters necessary for quality monitoring of production and sales • Unlimited entry of buyers, suppliers, items/product, construction sites, experimental fields, projects • The program provides information about anti-card i.e. items or services from assortments, which buyer has not bought/used yet • Faster task scheduling, monitoring, planning and real-time control (defining right to access information by levels in the company) • Reduction in costs (by opening analytics card, current business analysis is already done and ready-to-work) • Allows the work from anywhere, on any device • Through certain activities and data implementation, the program enables the measurement of results of each individual, which is positively reflected in the increase in the productivity • By using appropriate tools, sales managers are able to accurately and purposefully plan sales as well as its monitoring • The program enables better management of sales chain • Client, using the program, provides better placement of products and services • Items entered into the program are visible in the form of photographs, with a code and a description, i.e. there is a mini catalog • The measurement of each individual parameter, as well as of the employee, is available at a single click • Adaptability to youth communication. As many young people today use abbreviations and photos, communication is enabled through the slang • Analyses per supplier / item, enable the procurement sector to plan sales; per employee give data about productivity measured by the same criteria; per distribution channel or branch give the possibility of creating a marketing strategy

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Already on the market

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Type: industry Activity: agent, companies with the main activity in: trade, services, production - in various industries (metal industry, construction, food, agriculture, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and technological industries, etc.) i.e. wherever there is a relationship between buyer and seller, service provider and customer, or the need to monitor sales / services in any form. Role: in service agreement, it is expected from the partner to implement and use the program, give suggestions for implementing modifications according to the needs of their own company, and to make payments within the agreed time frame. In commercial agency agreement, it is expected from the partner to find small and medium enterprises, interested in the implementation of the program; to schedule meetings with them; sell the program, organize presentations; to actively participate in the sales process; to actively participate in possible modifications and corrections of a program specific to those companies; to participate in after-sales activities.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250