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Serbian law company offers complete law services under service agreement

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A Serbian law company is specialised in the areas of commercial law, debt collection and damages. The company offers complete law services under services agreement for companies interested to enter the Serbian market.



The law company is founded in 1995 in Belgrade with the primary objective to provide legal support to the work of companies and help them to realize the important segments of the successful and stable business.
Legal services which are provided by Law office are related to the areas of commercial law, debt collection and damages. They include all key segments pertaining to:
- the establishment of the company, opening a representative office, data exchange of the legal entity (increase and reduction of capital, changes of name and location, change of activity, change of the authorized person to represent - the director, and etc., change of founders, and etc.),
- liquidation and deletion of companies from the register,
- foundation and removal from the register branches and representative offices,
- creation and modification of individual and general acts of companies and representative offices - the founding act, statutes, treaties, Labour rule book, etc.,
- creation and modification of different types of contracts (international trade agreements, joint venture, employment contracts, etc.),
- representation in the process of obtaining the temporary resident permits for foreigners in Serbia and work permits for foreigners on the basis of employment or self-employment
- payment of the compensation for damages in case of the various injuries at work,
- legal possibilities of collection of claims and damages, as well as representation in court and out of court proceedings.

The clients of the law office are companies, representative offices, as well as individuals. The law company was a representative of more than a thousand injured parties in the process of exercising the right to compensation for damages before a competent courts and insurance companies.

The company is looking for business clients in order to establish services agreement.

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- Competence in legal servicing and efficiency in solving legal problems. - Loyalty, professionalism. - Broad experience in providing legal services.

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The potential partners would be companies that require legal support while entering the Serbian market or have already established the business in Serbia.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500