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Serbian manufacturer of fire and thermal protection systems of the ducts and also UVC-based air sterilization systems in the ducts seeks distributors.

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A Serbian company specialized in the production of fire protection systems for the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts using intumescent coatings, production of coating thermal protection of galvanized steel ducts and pipes, as well as the production of UVC-based air sterlization systems. The company is interested in establishing collaboration through a distribution agreement with partners from all EU countries.



The core business of the company represents fire protection of the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts using intumescent coatings, in accordance with European standards and technical standards. In addition to this basic activity, this company is also engaged in activities related to the thermal protection of galvanized steel ducts and pipes, as well as the sterilization of air in air conditioning ducts based on UVC radiation.
We are advocates of the modern business concept, technical innovations, and modern trends in business based on compliance with the prescribed standards, European norms, and engineering rules.

This has just resulted in a fire protection duct made according to the latest European standards as a ready to use a product that will further facilitate and accelerate fire protection in the ventilation and dipping segment.
Our efforts are aimed at assisting investors, designers, contractors, and all other associates for faster and more efficient termination of work, i.e. realization of projects because it is precisely a common goal.
The company consists of excellent professionals in the field of law, economics, and mechanical engineering, professionals multiple internationally awarded, and professionals with experience working in the worldwide largest multinational companies. As the legal successor of the company is the winner of the prestigious award. By winning the award, the company became a member of the International Association OMAC (Otherways Management Association Club), a certification body that is a member of the American Association for Quality Management. On that occasion, they received the TQCS 3000 (Total quality customer satisfaction) certificate, a counterpart to the ISO standard.
Company in 2019. has participated in the competition for the best technological innovation, and was awarded for the best product in the category of construction materials, system fire protection of ventilation and smoke extraction ducts.
A new innovative product UVC - based air sterilization systems, made by the company in 2020 was recognized and supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, as part of the action "Be a hero too" to prevent the spread and control of infectious disease Covid-19. The company has provided its innovative solution to the Republic of Serbia during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.
The company offers three innovative products, all three protected by a patent at the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia:
- The company fire protection system of the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts using the system of intumescent coatings, in accordance with European standards and technical standards,
- Thermal insulation coating for air-conditioning, ventilation ducts and pipelines for hot and cold water and steam,
- UVC - based air sterlization systems.
The company would like to find partners from all EU countries to sign a distribution services agreement. Under this agreement, the company will offer shipment of products, while partners should provide customers, promotion, and distribution for the products.

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The company has the following advantages: • Products patent protected • Competitive price due to low manufacturing costs and labor cost • New must have innovative products • Excellent commercial networks

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Already on the market

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Type: Industry Activity: Company in passive fire protection sector and HVAC sector and distribution or implementation of passive fire protection products or HVAC installation on construction sites or HVAC system maintenance. Role: A potential partner (SME) should have experience in the passive fire protection sector or HVAC sector and distribution, implementation, or maintenance of HVAC products. The company is looking for a potential partner with a developed sales network and good contacts in the construction market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,SME 51-250,>500