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The Serbian producer of components for processing of vegetable and mineral products is looking for distributor abroad

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The Serbian company that manufactures components for processing of vegetable and mineral products is looking for distributor abroad on European market. These products have use in agriculture and there are made of plant-mineral composition, without chemistry and synthetics.



The Serbian company has two main products: a plant vaccine and vegetable and mineral preparation for detoxification of animal bodies. Product for detoxification allows to animal bodies to bind mycotoxins and other toxic substances, and through them the urinary and digestive tract of animals is excreted outside the body, and thereby does not affect the useful component of animal feed. Positive effects of using this vegetable and mineral preparation are: immunity of animal organism is increased, mortality of animals is reduced to minimum, reproductive and battenin cattle is increased, daily growth of battening cattle is increased, conversion of food is reduced for 1 kg of animal growth, the quality of products gotten from nourished animals is much better.
Plant vaccine is an herbal preparation herbal vaccine for yield increase of grown cultures (10 – 20) %. It is manufactured in a powder It is packed in an amount of 1 kg It is recommended to make two treatments: the first in a plant growth period (20-30) cm, and the second treatment (20-30) days after the first one. The powder preparation also can be used for a spraying over the leaves. This plant vaccine is a unique product in the world, because no one has developed a vaccine for HERBAL yield increase.
The Serbian company is looking for distributors who can sell these products on European market. Distributor should have access to wholesalers and retailers of agriculture products.

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Both products are made of plant-mineral composition, without chemistry and synthetics. The company has 20 external associates / professors of doctors / from the field of agriculture, veterinary, pharmacy and medicine, who are engaged in the work on innovative technologies. It has significant 20-year experience in the creation and application of innovative technologies in the field of agriculture and pharmacy. All preparations are manufactured under HCCP standards. All preparations have the necessary certificates on the quality and health safety of the products. The plant vaccines can be produces for 10.0 million hectares per year. The detoxification preparations can be made for 5,000 tons per year. Both products are registered in the Republic of Serbia. All necessary documents for export with certificates, can be provided in Serbian, English, Russian and German, and, if necessary, in any other language.

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Distributor of agriculture products

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Already on the market

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Type: Distribution services agreement Activity: The company wants to step out at foreign market. That is why this company is looking for a distributor that already has an entrance positions at markets in South East European countries. Role: Distribution of final, retail products. Only long term distribution agreement is acceptable.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Albania, Belarus, China, Croatia, Egypt, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine