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Serbian producer of gas equipment for cutting and welding metal is looking for distributors

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A Serbian company develops and produces torches, shanks, and other gas equipment for cutting and welding of metal and special cutters for work in the steel mils. Their clients are ranging from the large steel-producing companies to small family-run workshops in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Turkey, N. Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, and Montenegro. The company is looking for partners to distribute their equipment on their local markets.



A Serbian company is established in 1990 as a family company specialized in the production of gas equipment for cutting and welding of metal parts. The company is producing specific cutters for work in the steel mills used by big iron and steel producers in Serbia, EU (Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Czech Republic, and Denmark) and region (Turkey, N. Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro). The company is supplying its equipment to smaller clients, i.e., both SMEs and family-run workshops. The company is a regular exhibitor at the specialized fair for cutting and welding metals in Essen, Germany and technical fairs in Skopje N. Macedonia, Plovdiv Bulgaria and Belgrade Serbia.

Their products include:
- equipment for mechanical gas cutting of metal sheets machine torches, nozzles and adapters; mechanical torch with mixing nozzles;
- nozzles, gas distributors and rubber hoses;
- pressure regulators;
- products for manual gas welding and metal cutting - sets, manual torch handles for cutting and welding, cutting attachments, manual torches with mixing nozzles, and
- equipment compatible with “RAM” products.

They also produce products based on special orders - customised on client's request, such as metal heating and welding nozzles, oxygen torch, Flem torch, and Flem nozzles.

The company is interested in finding distributors of its products. The new partners should work with the company to develop a customer and the distribution network for its metal processing equipment. The company is looking for partners with good business contacts in the metal processing industry or selling complementary equipment. In particular, the company is looking to collaborating with the distributors or suppliers of equipment for the shipbuilding and the maintenance companies using the metal forming equipment.

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All products of the company are under constant control of all aspects of the manufacturing process. All the products have high quality, ergonomic design, and producing aims reliable equipment with a longer exploitation time. The company's products have an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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The company is looking for the partners with technical knowledge of metal cutting and forming, and already dealing with the distribution of the equipment for metal forming and cutting.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners already distributing similar products and with technical expertise related to equipment for forming of metal parts. - Specific area of activity of the partner: industry supplier, e.g., shipbuilding or maintenance companies with the metal processing equipment. - The task to be performed: Distribute cutting and welding equipment produced by the Serbian company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


Pressure regulator


Flem torch, and Flem nozzles.