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A set of perlite products intended for fireproof protection of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

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A Polish SME specializes in research and production of innovative thermal insulation materials. In 2015-2019 a new technology was developed for the production of flame retardant kits of perlite products for protection of reinforced concrete and steel structures. The SME offers knowledge of how to produce the materials on an industrial scale and research on the use of perlite plates as a heat-insulating layer in general construction. The company is looking to work under license agreement.



Polish SME deals with research and production of thermal insulation materials since 1983. They first used perlite as one of the raw materials over 30 years ago.

In the following years, mortar production technology was developed, where sand was replaced with perlite. First attempts to form perlite plates were carried out in 2005.

In May 2015, the company received funding under the Polish national programme to further develop this technology. Project was mainly focused on fire protection tests for passive fire protection applications for building constructions. In December 2019 the project was completed and the National Technical Assessment was obtained for "A set of products for fire protection of structural elements reinforced concrete and steel with the system".

The product set includes:
- non-flammable perlite plates with dimensions of 800x400x20-60 mm,
- steel connectors / anchors (MBA type),
- galvanized steel assembly screws,
- assembly adhesive, made from inorganic filler compositions with an inorganic binder - ready for use,
- leveling compound, prepared in the same way as glue.

Purpose and scope of application:

A. Elements of concrete structures
- beams, columns, floors and reinforced concrete walls,
- prestressed concrete beams and ceilings,
- non-loadbearing walls of unreinforced concrete made of concrete with a density of 1965-2655 kg / m3, compressive strength classes C25/30 or C50/60 according to the standard: PN-EN 206 + A1: 2016.

B. Elements of steel structures:
- hot rolled sections with open cross-section, e.g. I or H, angles, C-profiles, T-profiles,
- prefabricated sections with open cross-section, i.e. fixed plate girders cross-section with solid walls and continuous welds, made from all grades of structural steel (designation S) acc. standards PN-EN 10025-1: 2007 / Ap 1: 2015, except for S185 steel.

Reinforced concrete structures secured in accordance with the requirements specified in of this National Technical Assessment have been classified into resistance classes fire acc. PN-EN 13501-2: 2016-07 standards:
- REI 15-REI 120 - in the case of ceilings, load-bearing walls, which perform the function separating in case of fire,
- EI 15-EI 240 - for ceilings and non-loadbearing walls serving as a separating function in case of fire,
- R15-R120 - for beams and columns.

Steel structures, secured in accordance with the requirements of the National Technical Assessment have been classified into fire resistance classes:
- R15-R180 - according to Polish norm PN-EN 13501-2: 2016-0 standards.

The technology is now ready to be launch and the company wants to enter new markets. The company is looking to work under license agreement with established business or innovator with good connections into the construction sector or be part of the construction sector in their specific country.

Advantages & innovations

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The technology is a single-layer system, as in high effectiveness of fire protection significantly reduces investment costs. It's the first innovative system for passive fire protection made in Poland. Innovative technology has allowed to obtain a non-flammable safe material with no toxic emissions, no smoke and no burning drops during a fire. Resulting material has the the best fire insulation parameters. Polish SME has built an experimental line and a laboratory where the parameters of the technology were optimized. The system based on perlite was the first one produced in Poland that received the National Technical Assessment. In 2018, a patent application was submitted. Trademarks for perlite products have obtained protection rights. The project completed in December 2019, led by a Polish SME will contribute to the development of innovative ecological construction, thanks to the use of only safe natural resources. Advantages: - low energy consumption in the production process, - no sewage and no waste proces as well as the possibility of recycling in the production process, - no harmful substances: fibrous, toxic and radioactive, - raw materials are available and environmentally safe, - the system is environmentally friendly.

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Available for demonstration

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Prospective partners should be established companies that have production capacity and experience of manufacturing full fire protection systems for steel and concrete constructions. The company is looking to work under license agreement. Type of activity of the partner: manufacturing of the fire protection systems based on licence obtained. The collaborative partner should be an established business with good connections into the construction sector or be part of the construction sector in their specific country.

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