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Set of software components for the supervision and monitoring of industrial, energy and smart processes

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A Spanish company that has a developed a set of software components for the supervision and monitoring of industrial, energy and smart processes, is seeking to establish services agreements and technical cooperation agreements. This product integrates all the available information sources, processes all the capture signals and offers tools for the supervision and analysis of data improving operational business decision-making processes.



A Spanish company has developed a set of software components that allows the supervision and monitoring of industrial, energy and smart processes. It integrates all available information sources, processes that capture signals and offers the tools for analysis to assist in operational decision making.
All the collected data is processed according to the defined business rules generating new values and new forms of display, providing increased and continuous business value. The goal is to have centralized information on a single platform available from mobile devices. Each user will have access to specific and personalized information which will help in better decision making and increase the company´s productivity.

This product has a very competitive price. This is an important differential advantage over other similar products of their competitors. Also, the product can be adapted to each client´s needs.

The company has international experience but is looking to establish services agreements and technical cooperation agreements with reliable companies.

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From a functional point of view, the company can integrate internal data sources (for example energy, production or maintenance) and external data sources (for example meteorological data, traffic, energy costs or raw materials). All this information is integrated by connectors, then processed by a “Big Data” technology and finally offered to users as well as to other systems. Conceptually, the company can also identify three functional responsibilities of the software: it integrates, processes and analyzes. This modular architecture enables the company to adapt technology to each specific business requirements, offering a range of deployment modes, all adapted to the clients ‘needs. The company has a highly qualified staff of 300 employees. The company works with the most internationally recognized companies and has an important international experience.

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Already on the market

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Although the company has international experience, is looking to extend its international presence. The company is interested in establishing long term services agreements and technical cooperation agreements. They are looking for reliable partners with experience, a broad knowledge of their markets and a good network of contacts in the industry.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500