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A silent and compact micropump with ultra-smooth flow and rapid response for Medical, Life Science and Environmental applications; ranging from wearable medical devices, Point of care (POC) diagnostic systems and environmental sampling

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A UK start-up works with entrepreneurial companies, both large and small, to bring disruptive new products to market. Their award-winning micropump platform and further development support has enabled new ambitious projects in the medical field. They also look for companies in life sciences and environmental monitoring for licensing, commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical co-operation.



The company offers a high-performance micropump which makes use of advances in the field of non-linear acoustics. In contrast to conventional air pumping mechanisms (such as diaphragm and piston pumps), disc pump does not rely on the bulk compression of air within a cavity. Instead disc pump generates a high amplitude, high frequency acoustic standing wave within a specially designed acoustic cavity. A patented ultra-fast valve technology rectifies this standing wave to deliver pumped flow with a unique set of attributes:
• Silent operation
• Small size and light weight; just 5g (1/5 oz)
• Exceptional pressure and flow
• Ultra-fast (ms) response to set-point changes
• Ultra-smooth flow
• Full control flexibility, infinite turn down ratio
The micro pump platform can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from medical and life sciences, to environmental and defence.
In the Medical sector, devices that were once heavy and fixed are now small and portable – and increasingly wearable. With its combination of performance, silent operation and size, this disc pump is enabling manufacturers to respond to this trend with smaller, lighter, quieter products. Applications include:
• Blood pressure monitoring • Wound care
• Anaesthesia gas monitoring • Portable suction
• Capnography • Drug delivery
• Sleep therapy • Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics
• Intermittent compression therapy • Therapeutic surfaces
• MRI compatible instruments • Vacuum prosthetics
• Breathomics • Digital thoracic drainage
Also, with the demand for ever more personalised care, a growing proportion of diagnostic testing in the life sciences sector is moving out of centralised labs into the doctor’s surgery – and increasingly, the home. This is fuelling innovation in miniaturised, rapid-readout Point of Care (POC) technology. To meet the evolving demands, today’s systems place increasing importance on reduced size, weight and noise, whilst remaining uncompromising on performance. The micropump technology is enabling life science leaders to push the boundaries of their microfluidic and liquid handling systems, in pursuit of new and radical life-saving medical and diagnostic devices; these in turn deliver better patient outcomes and improved quality-of-life. The ultra-smooth flow coupled with the precise and rapid control means that the pump is ideal for pressure driven flow control in microfluidic applications like droplet generation and laminar flow in POC diagnostic systems. Applications include:
• Medical Diagnostics • Immunology testing
• Droplet microfluidics • Haematology – Blood gas analysis
• HTS – High throughput screening • Clinical chemistry analysis
• Proteomics and Genomics • Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics
• Plant science • Molecular diagnostics
• Biotechnology and Biomedical engineering • Titration calorimeter
• Liquid level sensing • Animal science and veterinary testing

In the environmental sector, the disc pump is well placed to enable the development of systems, from gas samplers and detectors, to laboratory analysers and particle counters. The ultra-smooth flow helps to improve the signal to noise (SNR) ration that helps to improve sensitivity and the dynamic range of the pump allows for a near infinite turn down ratio and highly accurate flow control. Applications include:
• Ion mobility spectroscopy • Particle counting
• PID sensing • Workplace monitoring
• Side stream humidity measurement • Environmental monitoring
• VOC analysis • Leak detection
• Water sampling • Portable and wearable

The UK company is seeking companies in life sciences, medical and environmental fields, to integrate the micropump into their devices and systems under a commercial agreements with technical assistance. Licensing will be considered. The platform technology can be adapted to specific requirements under technical co-operation.

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The unique attributes of the micropump technology and the company’s expertise in many industrial sectors and applications allows for a collaborative approach that will enable prospective customers to be highly innovative and push the boundaries of their product design.

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Field tested/evaluated

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Type of partner sought: industry Specific area of partner sought: developers of medical devices, diagnostic systems and sampling equipment or systems from a variety of sectors. Role of partner sought: to adapt the technology into their devices under a license or commercial agreement with technical assistance. Jointly, under a technical co-operation, the technology can be modified further to meet specific requirements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500