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Singapore company seeking partners in the radiology industry for its diagnostic product via distribution services agreement(s)

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Artificial intelligence related software
CAT scanning
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This Singapore company has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) assistive tool to help hospitals analyse MRI and CT imaging and detect a wide variety of medical conditions related to neurological disorders. They are actively looking for distributors to penetrate into Europe in particularly, Germany, UK, Belgium, Denmark & Finland.



The Singapore company's product is a state-of-the-art diagnostic application that uses deep learning technology to analyse MRI and CT images. It automatically recommends a diagnosis and generates report for doctors to review within seconds.

The said product is jointly developed by over 200 world-renowned medical specialists and deep learning experts and trained on the world’s largest pool of biopsy-validated images. The product can screen and analyse MRI and CT images for neurological disorders including brain tumours, cerebral vascular diseases and strokes – which take up a large portion of the conditions determined through MRI and CT imaging.

With their proprietary AI technology, the product can extend its application to other body parts. This helps to enhance the competency of junior radiologists and allow many more patients globally to access high quality diagnostic expertise.

The company is looking for distributors with existing sales network in the medical and healthcare sector, particular with hospitals and medical clinics via distribution services agreement(s).

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
This product is the first AI company to be CE and Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) certified successfully. (HSA) is a statutory board of the Singapore Ministry of Health. They are also the first company to apply for FDA for brain diagnostics solution powered by AI. This success is attributed to the following innovations: 1. Performance: As accurate as senior radiologists in their diagnosis for brain conditions. This provides early intervention for treatment and reduces blindspots and misdiagnoses by doctors significantly. 2. Security: Does not require internet to operate, this eliminates online security risks and fulfils the GDPR requirements. 3. Ease of use: Is integrated into the workflow of hospitals, a simple click-through experience to confirm the reports generated by AI. 4. Closely developed with clinicians, the product has the ability to self-learn and improve its accuracy through cycles of predictions and doctors' revisions. 5. Speed: AI has fast processing power and can analyse the medical image in seconds. The efficiency gains are significant when compared to the usual 1 hour or more doctors usually take for analysis and reporting. 6. The product also has sophisticated image processing features like image segmentation and 3D reconstruction to assist in surgeries.

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• Distributors for medical imaging products • Channel partnership opportunities • Sales personnel well versed in radiology products

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Already on the market

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The ideal candiate should be distributors for medical imaging products in the targeted European countries. The partner is responsible to present a marketing plan on how the distributorship will develop and be promoted in their targeted countries in Germany, UK, Belgium, Denmark and Finland.

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SME 11-50


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Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom