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A Singapore company specialises in video analytics solutions is looking for partners through an outsourcing arrangement

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The Singapore-based firm is a cognitive multimedia processing company that provides digital video and image recognition technology to products within images or video content. The firm wants to enter the European market and is searching for partners to outsource their solutions through the outsourcing agreement.



Established in 2011, the Singapore company is capable of transforming images and videos into meaningful granular data.

They primarily offer CCTV-based video analytics solutions to enable clients to draw critical insights from existing infrastructure all in detailed dashboards.

The company has over 10 years of experience in video analytics converting passive CCTV cameras to active IoT devices to capture data, draw detailed insights, and providing alerts and notifications for immediate intervention.

They provide analytics solutions such as (1) vehicle analytics, in which deep learning models are deployed in dockers, (2) people analytics, in which dockers are optimized for speed in various ways, (3) clothing analytics, in which each docker comprises multiple detectors, classifiers with contextual processing, and (4) object analytics, in which continuous online learning is used to future-proof performance. (5) Activity and movement analytics were tools for effortlessly extracting huge amounts of useful training data from videos, and (6) audio analytics was a one-of-a-kind platform for handling mobile, internet, and CCTV videos.

To begin its expansion into the western market, the Singapore firm is seeking European partners to outsource their solutions on their behalf through an outsourcing agreement in order to promote their solutions globally and reach various industrial sectors.

Advantages & innovations

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1) The Singapore-based firm is a video analytics industry expert in a variety of areas. 2) Deep learning models were offered and implemented in a plug-and-play manner. 3) Provide highly optimised models with the very minimum of RAM and GPU hardware requirements. 4) Offers massive scale and depth in CCTV analytics at a low cost 5) Provide solutions that are easily portable to cloud platforms, edge devices, or data centres. 6) Allow insights to be derived from comprehensive dashboards. 7) Allow end users to continue training online in order to achieve future-proof performance.

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The Singapore company is searching for partners to outsource their solutions through the outsourcing agreement. They are looking for ideal partners in security and surveillance, digital marketing, e-commerce, telecommunications, and the internet of things.