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A Singapore company specializes in 3D printing service is offering 3D printing services via manufacturing services agreement(s).

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A Singaporean company specializing in 3D printing technology would like to offer its services to European companies looking to produce cost-effective prototypes. They serve various MNCs (multinational corporations) e.g. medical, engineering, automotive, life science, consumer electronic and industrial equipment. This company is looking for joint venture or manufacturing agreement opportunities with European companies to serve their business operation and customers in Asia region.



Incorporated in 2014, this pioneering and creative Singapore SME provides 3D printing services to both MNCs and SMEs. 3D printing technology is a disruptive technology and this company is capable to produce objects of almost any shape of geometry including 3D figurine from children’s drawings, customized 3D printed toys, prototyping parts for industrial usages for example vehicle parts, bolt nuts, architecture models and etc. 3D printing allows SMEs to create prototype parts with high level of details and complexity hence enabling multiple design changes without incurring high development cost. The company provides complete end to end solution to 3D printing; this includes design, development and production of the prototype and functional end use parts. The ideal candidates would be companies in Europe who are looking to create prototypes for their new products, companies looking to create complicated models as it is easier and more cost effective to do it through 3D printing and companies looking to produce unique gifts/mementos. This company would like to offer its services, joint venture and manufacturing agreements in 3D printing to SMEs from Europe.

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- Able to produce different iterations of a prototype and functional end use parts - Cost competitive - fast turn around - Able to create complex models/prototypes - Offer the latest technology in 3D printing and is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technology offering at par with the US market 3D Printing Service Bureau.

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The company is interested in establishing collaboration with European partners who needs a complete end to end approach to 3D printing (design, development & production of the final prototype/model/product). The partner can be from any industry e.g. medical, engineering, automotive, life science, consumer electronic and industrial equipment.