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Singapore condiment manufacturer is seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

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The Singapore company, which was established in 1930, is one of the leading condiment manufacturer in Singapore. The company manufactures a wide variety of Asian sauces and cooking pastes to be used in different Asian cuisine. The company is seeking European partner who can distribute their products in the European market.



The Singapore company, which was founded in 1930, produces soya sauce and other condiments. The company's products are distributed all over Singapore Malaysia and other various countries.

The company's main product is the light soya sauce, which is a sauce made from soya beans. There are many types of light soya sauce available. This includes, premium grade, special grade, standard grade, top quality, reduced salt, soya sauce for steaming fish, chilli and garlic chilli soya sauce.

Another main product is the dark soya sauce which is a thick version of the normal soya sauce. Product includes premium, super grade, special grade, top quality, standard grade, reduced salt, dark soya sauce for chicken rice and dark soya sauce for bak kut teh.

Another product is the oyster sauce, which includes premium grade, vegetarian and abalone sauce.

The company also produce many other sauces such as sweet sauce, worcestershire sauce, chilli sauce with garlic and ginger, Thai chilli sauce, chilli crab sauce, hoi sin sauce, BBQ seafood sauce, honey BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce, black pepper sauce, sweet and sour sauce,and premium plum sauce

Another product is the salted soya bean paste, which is available in salted soya bean paste, salted black soya beans, spicy and sweet flavors.

Another product is the vinegar products which includes artificial vinegar, black vinegar, rice vinegar and black rice vinegar.

Lastly, the company produces instant cooking paste, which are paste of Asian dishes to accelerate cooking, this includes white pepper soup, bak kut teh, fried cereal prawn, curry chicken, sambal chilli and rendang.

The Singapore company is looking European partners to help the company to distribute their products in major European cities.

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The products produced by the Singapore company are certified in the following certification: ISO 22000 ISO 9001 HACCP The products are Halal certified as well.

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The Singapore company is seeking European partners who are connected to supermarkets and hypermarkets in major European cities to distribute the products in the European market. Ideally, the partner should be one with experience distributing Asian food in supermarkets. The partnership is done via distribution service agreement.

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SME 11-50