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Singapore frontline service and solution products provider seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

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The Singapore company, which was established in 2011, focuses on human-machine interactive technologies and products. The products provide a high level of user experience while interacting with the products but also provide human analytics data to strengthen business and processes. Due to expansion, the company is seeking European partners via a distribution service agreements.



The Singapore company, established in 2011, is a provider of ICT products largely in intelligent Frontline-automated machines and self-service kiosks.

The company's latest development is the hands-free, non-invasive temperature measuring device. A user only needs to stand 20 - 40cm in front of the device and the temperature would be displayed in real-time.

One of the products available is the hotel self-check-in and check-out kiosk. This is a fully automated unmanned check-in and check-out self-service kiosk. The aim for the kiosk is to allow ease and convenience of processing guest check-in and out which reduced waiting time and free up manpower to provide other hotel services. The kiosk is now being implemented in hotels in Singapore.

Another product is a health screening kiosk that services as a self-help machine to evaluate not just personal physiologic measurements but also can function as Telemedicine and Triage. The kiosk is able to monitor the measurements such as HbA1C (glycated haemoglobin), LDL (low-density lipoprotein), blood pressure, body mass index(BMI) – height and weight, heart rate and temperature. This product has been implemented by healthcare institutions in Singapore.

The next product is a self-service payment system. It is designed and programmed for the collection of cash payments. Customers can do either full or partial payment, retrieve records by scanning QR/barcode, inputting invoice number, or scanning their identity card.

Another product is a 3D augmented reality mannequin, empowered with the internet of things (IoT) that is used by retail shops. The kiosk auto interacts with a shopper to tailor onto them recommended fashion outfits, including gender and age profiling.

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Key advantages of the temperature scanning device: * Multi-sensor layout, makes it suitable for commercial use where users differ in height * 3 – 10μm infra-red thermal sensor to measure the body temperature with an effective distance of 20 – 40cm * Alarm rings on the temperature scanner when the temperature registers higher than the prefixed limit (37.5°C) * Red LED on the temperature scanner to display the temperature reading * Advanced configuration & data transport, via Bluetooth/USB to PC Key advantages of the hotel check-in kiosk: * Integration with hotel property management system * Secure passport scanning to check for authenticity * Facial verification process * Cashless payment integration Key advantages of the health screening kiosk: * Patient/user registrations * Support general pre-consultation or health screening questions * Able to integrate to e-medical records to facilitate telemedicine or triage * Users can see their current health status against their target range * Support specific questions relating to cardiovascular health, diabetes, depression, asthma, lifestyle * Usable by patient's care team or patients themselves * Gives personalised advice based on user's parameters acting as a tool for individuals to monitor their health regularly Key advantages of the self-service payment system: * Daily & Monthly transaction reports * Cash flow “live” status monitoring * Notes & coins recycling modules * Alarm system & alerts in place to deter break-in or mishandling of the Kiosk. * Auto money change functions * Options to add on cashless payment mode. * Able to integrate with e-wallets or QR code payment. Key advantages of the 3D mannequin: * Detail information about the brand, designs, and dressing tips. * Able to read gender, age & human profile * Management streamlines offerings and inventory processing. * Data Analytics deliver reports to empower decisions on pre-orders, customers' profiles, trends, etc.

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The Singapore company is looking for European partners in the ICT industry that is well connected to hotels, healthcare institutions, shopping mall operators in Europe. The partner must be one that is currently distributing ICT products in Europe. The partnership is achieved through distribution service agreement.