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Singapore halal food products manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

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The Singapore company is a leading Muslim-owned halal food manufacturer in Singapore. The company manufactures a wide variety of food products with 100% halal assurance and certified international standards. The company seeks European partners to distribute their products in the European market.



The Singapore company, is a company specializes in manufacturing halal food products. The company produces a variety of halal dishes as well as pastries.

The company produces many different frozen ready-to-eat dishes that can be cooked via microwave oven. Dishes include beef rendang, which is a beef dish with rendang sauce. Variations for the rendang dish includes rendang chicken drumlets and mutton rendang. Another dish is the spicy tomato sauce with chicken drumlets. Another product is the fried chilli paste with beef liver and lung. Another product is korma which is a coconut based sauce. Variations for korma is chicken drumlet korma and mutton korma. Curry is also another dish produce by the company. Variations include chicken drumlet curry, and mutton curry.

The company also produces pastries which are frozen and can be cooked via microwave. One of the pastry is the potato samosa, which is a triangular pastry. Other pastries include chilli fried bun, banana fritters, potato curry puff, sardine curry puff, green bean fritters, spring rolls and donuts.

The desired outcome for the partnership is for the European partner to distribute the Singapore companies products in major European cities.

The partnership is achieved through distribution partnership agreement.

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The main advantage of the products is that they are halal certified by Majis Ugama Islam Singapura which is a halal mark that is recognized internationally. The company follow strict regulations required for ISO 22000 guidelines.

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The Singapore company is seeking European partners that are well connected to Asian supermarkets and hypermarkets in major European cities. Ideally, the partner are currently distributing halal food products in European cities. The partnership is done via distribution service agreement.