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Singapore Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions provider seeks European partners via distribution service agreement

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The Singapore company, established in 2016, is a company that provides Internet-of Things (IoT) solutions to companies through their products. The company specializes in technology that provides real-time tracking and measuring of data. The company is looking for European partners via distribution service agreement.



The Singapore IoT solutions provider, has developed an IoT product that is compatible with most machines. The company has clients from industries such as food manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, precision engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, machine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and plastic manufacturing.

Managing operational performance is challenging for most companies. Tracking and measuring performance is a labor intensive and inaccurate job. Data might also not be up-to-date.

The product was developed with the ability to optimize operational efficiency and maximize throughput.

The company has also developed an analytics platform that can form a real-time process flow where the performance of each machine is monitored continuously and the production bottlenecks identified automatically.

The robust analytics engine enables a responsive visualisation of machine overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and high resolution machine output so that manufacturers are able to pinpoint exactly where to reduce costs and increase output.

Companies can also set customised threshold to ensure that alarms and notifications are triggered during emergency or breakdowns to reduce downtime. Auto-generate production reports with just a click.

Due to expansion, the company is looking for European partners to distribute the product in the European market via distribution service agreement.

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1) The product is connected to machines and sends real-time data for companies to track and measure performance. 2) The product is designed to be extremely universal and plug-and-play ready, allowing it to be deployed onto almost all types of machines within minutes. 3) Data collected is transferred wirelessly and securely to the gateway. 4) The data is also stored on cloud servers. 5) Companies can access the information via computers and mobile devices on-the-go.

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The company is looking for European partners who are in the IoT industry that are selling products to the manufacturing sector. European partners who are well connected to the manufacturing sector are preferred. The partnership is achieved through distribution service agreement.