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Singapore manufacturer of anti-corrosion film seeks European partners via distribution service agreements.

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A Singapore anti-corrosion film manufacturer, established in 1992, has developed a film that uses poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) as carrier for non-toxic anti-corrosion inhibitors. The film is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The main feature of the product is that it can be dissolved in water, thus creating zero waste. The Singapore manufacturer is currently looking for European partners under distribution services agreements.



The Singapore company, which was established in 1992 is a company that is specialized in the fields of corrosion-preventive technology, lubricants and cleaning surfactants.

One of the products the company manufacturer for their clients are a special type of anti-corrosion film. The film can be used to wrap items and equipment of virtually any size. Once wrap in the film, the film will protect the item or equipment from being corroded or rusted.

The main feature of this film is that it can be dissolved in water. Once dissolved in water, it would act as an anti-corrosion coating solution. This will eliminate the need to collect, transport and dispose plastic waste.

The film in its resin form can be shipped to clients or distributors who has the ability to process the resin into films. It can also be made into bags instead of films.

The Singapore company's clients include the military, oil & gas companies, machinery companies and many others.

The company is currently seeking European partners to distribute in Europe.

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* The product is environmentally friendly-biodegradable. * it is soluble in water. * The product is non-toxic. * It generate zero waste.

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The Singapore company is currently expanding into the European market and they are seeking potential partners who can distribute the product into the European market. The ideal candidate should be one where they are currently distributing plastic films to clients in industries such as military, oil & gas and industries that needs to cover equipment. The product can either be shipped in the form of films or it can also be shipped in the form of resins. The potential candidate should be able to process the resin into films. The Singapore company is looking for partners via distribution services agreement.