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Singapore manufacturer of needle-free drug injection system seeking European distributor via distribution services agreement

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The Singapore medical device manufacturer, has developed a needle-free drug injection system for non-invasive injection of drugs into the body. The simple device can be used for patients who needs injections regularly. The company is seeking European distributors for the distribution of the products in European markets via distribution services agreement.



The Singapore manufacturer, which was established in 2013, developed in pain-less of administering liquid drugs into the human body. This is to cater to patients who has to take injections frequently. Using the product will ensure an almost pain-free experience and will eliminate potential needle injuries that might happen.

The product contains different components.

- An injector is a spring powered device. A charger is a device that reloads the spring in the injector.
- An ampoule is a temporary container for the delivery of liquid medication.

- Adapters are used to transfer liquid medicine from containers to ampoule.

After the adapter is attached to the medicine container, the ampoule can be attached to the adapter to draw the medicine into the ampoule. Next, the ampoule is inserted into the injector. Lastly, the patient can use the injector to inject the medicine into the body without the use of needles.

Due to expansion, the company is looking for an European partner to distribute their products in the European market. The Singapore company is seeking an European company with good connections with healthcare institutions over Europe. The partner sought will be able to effectively distribute the products within EU.

Advantages & innovations

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There are many advantages to using the product. - The usage of the needle-free injection is virtually painless, which reduces distress on patients who needs to be injected regularly. - The usage of the needle-free injection system will also eliminate needle injuries that might be caused when pierced by needles. - The product is also light weight, so it can be easily stored and carried around by the user. - Using the product will also eliminate cross-contamination of bacteria and diseases.

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Already on the market

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Due to expansion, the Singapore company is currently seeking European partners who are currently medical equipment distributors. Partners with good network with medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics and medical schools will be considered. The partner will be distributing the product via distribution services agreement.