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Singapore manufacturing solutions provider seeking European partners via manufacturing agreement

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Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
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The Singapore company, which was established in 1977, is a key partner for design and manufacturing in Asia. The company offers vertically integrated manufacturing services from product development to complete assembled products, being an original design manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer. The company is looking for partners via manufacturing agreements.



The Singapore manufacturing solutions provider, has more than 40 years of proven track record in the industry. The company provides original design manufacturer (ODM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contract manufacturing services.

The market segments that the company serves range from audio, hygiene/sanitization, pest control, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications, data storage, measurement, medical, automation, and aerospace markets.

One of the services that the company provides is design and prototyping. The company has a team that has knowledge and expertise in numerous product industries that turns ideas into design and into products. Prototypes are done through 3D printing or CNC machining that will allow people to see how the product will look like.

Another service is product reliability tests. The company has continuously invested in capital equipment such as X-ray inspection, functional test, platforms, absorption spectrophotometer, burn-in chambers, thermal shock tester, humidity chamber, and other specialized testing and validation systems to meet the highest levels of consistency for critical performance.

The company offers both decorative plating and EMI shielding on hard plastic parts or casings. For decorative coating, matte chrome and bright chrome finishings are available.
Another service the company provides is injection molding. The company can run all types of resins from commodity to engineered grades, high temperatures to filled materials. The presses are operated in an automatic mode to the greatest extent possible. Parts are removed from the injection mold by robotics or conveyor systems. The result is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective system to improve the manufacturing process.

The company is also dedicated to manufacturing plastic injection tools. The company offers prototype tools as well as quality hard steel tools that last over a decade.

The company provides an integrated solution, a one-stop manufacturing center to customers including a full range of assembly capabilities such as modular assembly, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, PBCA, and final product build assembly.

The company offers complete supply chain management, final product testing, and packaging for products.
The company provides direct shipment to customers and customers' distribution centers globally.

The Singapore company is offering its manufacturing services to European partners via manufacturing agreement.

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The company conduct the following tests to ensure a high level of product reliability. * Acoustic Test * Temperature Cycle Test * Thermal Shock Test * Humidity Test * Salt Spray Test * X-Ray Coating Thickness Test * Burn-in Test Other advantages include the following. * Integrated manufacturing facilities = better speed, cost %26 supply chain management. * Highly committed management team that are flexible and agile in executing decisions. * Business model to support 'high mix, low volume' and 'low mix, high volume' production. * Value creation - save customers time and cost through a one-stop manufacturing solution. * Customer service culture - commitment to all customers through long term partnership.

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Already on the market

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The Singapore company is looking for European partners who are in need of manufacturing services. The partner should be one that is looking for a long term partnership. The partnership is fulfilled via manufacturing agreement.

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SME 51-250