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A Singapore snacks manufacturer is looking for distributors in Europe via distribution service agreement(s)

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The Singapore snacks manufacturer is a well-known brand in Singapore. The Singapore company has been operating in the South-East Asia region for 20 years. The company sells a huge range of products to supermarkets and hypermarkets. Snacks include almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts and sunflower seeds. Due to expansion, the company is seeking distributors in European countries that have connections with local supermarkets and hypermarkets.



The Singapore company is an established snacks brand in South East Asia that has full coverage of distribution in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. They have been operating in Malaysia for 20 years and Indonesia for 15 years. The company manufactures and distributes their products in-house, hence they have full control over customization in terms of packaging, taste and mix.

Amongst the range of products the company is offering to the European market are rosemary pistachio, teriyaki cashew, mocha almond, cheddar cheese almond, garlic cashew, dried fruits, sweets, peas, crackers, broad beans, crisps as well as other types of nuts, beans and fruit based snacks.

The company is currently looking for a distributor for these snacks in European countries. The distributors will likely be appointed on an exclusive basis to handle the marketing, logistics and distribution of products within their respective country. The company is also interested to work with established online resellers to market, sell and distribute their products as well. Inventory level requirement and minimum-order-quantity (MOQ) is subject to further negotiations between the interested European company and the Singapore company.

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• Familiarity with the Asia Pacific market having been in operations for the past 30 years • Turnkey manufacturing and distribution services • Manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia to reduce cost • Unique, authentic Asian-flavoured snacks • Snacks are packaged and ready to sell The Singapore company is an established brand in Singapore as well as in the South-East Asia region. The company is known for its quality and it is available in all supermarkets in the South-East Asia region.

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For distributors, the ideal candidate should possess the relevant import license to bring food products into Europe. They should also be able to carry some inventory and to be familiar with the supply chain and distribution of such products in their respective country via distribution services agreement.