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Singapore wearable retrospective Electrocardiography (ECG) monitor manufacturer seeking European distributor via distribution services agreement

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Diagnostic equipment


The Singapore company is a manufacturer of wearable ECG monitors. It is a medical device that captures a patient's heart rhythms. The device lets patients monitor their own heart rate as well as sending the information to caregivers. The Singapore company is currently seeking distribution partners from European countries via distribution services agreement.



The Singapore company, which is a company specialized in medical devices has developed a wearable ECG devices for patients.

The device is the world's first cloud based ECG device.

The medical device is a device that capture a patient's heart rhythms. The device enables the patient to find out if symptoms such as palpitations, extra beats, missing beats are caused by a cardiac arrhythmia.

The medical device has the following features:

1) True remote wireless ECG monitoring - Physician Web-based Interface allowing 24/7 live data access to patients across multiple locations. The device is both wireless and wearable.
2) Cloud Storage - ECG data stored within cloud server, no dedicated data server required for setup
3) PDF Reports - Summarize report can be downloaded and provided to patient
4) Convenience - Web-based interface allows physician access to data from any wired PC workstation
5) User Friendly - Easy review interface for direct online reporting
6) Private & Secure - Only authorised data access to pre-specified Device Units

The type of partnership sought is the distribution service agreement. Due to expansion plans, the company is looking for an European medical device distributor to sell their products in European countries.

Advantages & innovations

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The device is the only cardiac event monitor in the world that is able to capture ECG for up to 2.5 minutes retrospective to the event, increasing the chance of capturing the cause of symptoms such as missed beats, extra beats, irregular beats or fast heart beats. The 5-minute ECG event is sent direct to the patient's email upon activation and it presents the patient's ECG rhythm 2.5 minutes prior to the activation and 2.5 minutes after event activation (Total 5 minute Strip) in a PDF format. The report can be printed out or forwarded for consultation with physician.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought is one that is currently distributing medical devices in European countries. The partner should have a good connection with medical institutions in European countries. Medical institutions include hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers as well as medical schools.