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Singapore wound care scanner seeking European partners via distribution services agreement

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A Singapore company is looking for European partners via distribution services agreement for medtech AI device in wound care. The product is a point-of-care medical device empowering nurses to make accurate diagnoses in just 30 seconds. Patients get a personalised diagnosis to avoid amputation and poor healing. Nurses worry less about paperwork and have more time to deliver the right treatment. Healthcare providers deliver care that is cost-effective and scaleable.



The Singapore medical technology company has developed a wound care scanner for medical professionals. The scanner provides an accurate, automated assessment of chronic wounds with management suggestions using a clinically validated method. The images take by the scanner are interpreted on a web-based dashboard for analysis and report viewing.

The scanner performs automatic 3D measurement and is able to detect complications such as infection. Within 30 seconds, a report is generated with a detailed assessment on the wound.

The scanner is a portable multi-spectral scanner that allows quick scanning of a patient's chronic wound. The scanner is attached to a mobile phone and uses the phone's camera to scan the wound.

Due to expansion, the Singapore company is looking for European partners who can distribute the products in European countries. Distribution partners are needed as the Singapore company does not have a presence in Europe.

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There are many advantages to using the product. 1) Time saving: Chronic wounds can now be assessed in 30 seconds (as compared to 30 minutes) with the same degree of accuracy as a specialist wound nurse. This empowers nurses to focus on treating the wound, and also releases cash-able savings to the health provider in time saved. 2) Accuracy: The system is clinically validated and highly scalable. This means that the results are reproducible, not practitioner-dependant and provide medico-legally compliant records. 3) Upskilling junior nurses: The system acts as an AI-based training companion to upskill junior nurses through technology. This means the benefits can be extended beyond data capture. 4) Longitudinal monitoring with alerts: The system draws on a large data pool to detect early signs of complications. This can help prevent deterioration, monitor healing times and improve recovery times (Beyond Quality to Value). 5) Screening tool and individual-monitoring service: Keeps track of and helps to prevent complications among at-risk populations (Beyond Healthcare to Health).

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The Singapore company is currently seeking European partners who can distribute the product to medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical schools and rehabilitation centers. Partners with good connections with European medical institutions will be considered.