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Slovak company looking to conclude supplier agreement with producers of plastic and aluminium windows and wooden interior and exterior doors and other products preferably from Poland or Hungary

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Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)


Newly established company focused on building of houses, other construction works and related retail shop is looking to conclude supplier/distribution agreement with producer(s) of windows, interior and exterior doors to be used in their construction sites and sold in Slovak market. The company is also interested in innovative products for construction sector that are not represented on the Slovak market yet, in order to build competitive range of products to sell.



The company was established in April 2019 by the owner with long term previous experience in the construction sector both in Slovakia and Netherlands. The company┬┤s main activities are in construction and reconstruction of houses. Apart from that, the company is going to open a shop with goods for the construction of houses with the main focus on windows, doors, HST (lift and slide) sliding mechanisms, products related to house recuperation and other products they find interesting for the market. The company expects to sign a supplier or distribution agreement(s).

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Technical specification is rather general. Windows and doors shall be targeted at family houses and office buildings. So any variety and offer will be considered. They are looking for variety of: - plastic and aluminium windows and doors, - wooden doors, - HST (lift and slide) sliding doors, - products related to the house recuperation, - other innovative products related to building of houses not represented on Slovak market are also welcomed.

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Already on the market

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Due to the strong competition on the market in the sector, the company prefers cooperation with producers of windows and doors from neighbouring countries such as Poland or Hungary. But other products can be offered also by producers from other countries if the price of the product + transporting costs still allow to stay competitive on the market. From the beginning only small amounts are expected to be ordered to find out the interest of clients for the products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Hungary, Poland