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Slovak company offering aerosol extractor in CNC machining centers that protects workers' health and the environment is looking for commercial agents or distributors from Europe and beyond

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The Slovak company operating in the field of CNC machining producing its own developed product - aerosol extractor in CNC machining centers, which will rid the workplaces of oil mist and the problems associated with it, seeks for commercial agents or distributors in European and foreign markets.



A Slovak company, which is active in Slovak market already since 1999 is offering an aerosol extractor developed by the company that is intended for CNC machines in CNC machining centers.

The extractors are manufactured in three sizes with different dimensioned outputs to suit a wide range of CNC machines operating in the metalworking industry.
a) Extractor MS-S: designed for machines with a working space of less than 1.5 m3
b) Extractor MS-M: designed for machines with a working space from 1.5 m3 to 3 m3
c) Extractor MS-L: designed for machines with a working space greater than 3 m3

Unwanted by-products of the machining process are aerosols containing process fluid particles (oil mist). The particles are formed by the impact of a stream from the nozzle on the surface of the tool, by the action of centrifugal force or evaporation in the places of heat generation and subsequent condensation in the colder zones of the working space. Aerosols enter the human body by inhalation or in contact with the skin. The health risk of the process fluid lies in its chemical composition (content of various toxic substances) and in the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, molds and fungi) depending on the water content. The possible synergy of several contaminants contained in the process fluids may further increase their negative effect on health.

The extractor works in three phases:
1) The aerosol is sucked out of the working space of the metalworking machine and fed to extractor. Inside, the oil mist is propelled by a propeller onto the extractor hood, after which the centrifuged droplets of process fluid run off and can be trapped in a collection vessel or returned to the system
2) The partially cleaned air is driven through the filter 1 inside the extractor
3) The third phase is provided by the external filter 2 with filter class F9 (EN 779) or ePM1 ≥ 80% (ISO 16890).

The equipment supplier has been successfully using this equipment for more than 10 years in its engineering production. In order to expand into new markets, company is looking for commercial agents and distributors in other European countries to represent the products towards both the industrial and retail market, but international cooperation is welcome too.

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The device is installed as a universal attachment to CNC centers what has various advantages: a) Clean workplace and health protection - the device sucks oil mist from the CNC machine, from where it would otherwise get on the floor, walls, ceilings, etc. after opening the machine b) Easy assembly - the package includes complete assembly material and detailed instructions. When buying, the company also offers the customer professional installation. c) Cutting fluid savings - A significant proportion of the extracted process fluid particles is returned to the CNC machine system, thus saving costs. d) Long-term reliability - the manufacturer has had all its CNC machines equipped with MS extractors for several years. The measurements proved their excellent efficiency in demanding conditions of continuous production. e) Easy maintenance - which consists of regular filter changes. Removing the old and installing the new indoor and outdoor filter is very easy and takes a maximum of a few minutes. Each extractor is registered in the manufacturer's database under its ID number. It contains all the data on the production, shipping, assembly, service history of the extractor, and most importantly, the service life of the installed filters. The customer can easily access the data from the database at any time using the QR code located on the hood.

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The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors (company or self-employed persons) with experience in metalworking and engineering sector. Partners for commercial agency or distribution services agreement can be from European countries primarily, but the company is open to international cooperation too.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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