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A Slovak company specialized in program system usable in remote collection of data from electrometers, gasmeters, watermeters or heat meters is looking for franchisees

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Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
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A Slovak ICT company is looking for a reseller, provider or end user of program system for collection, processing and presentation of energy measurements (concretely measurements of electrical energy, heat, water, gas etc. measured using devices distributed in the field). The company prefers a cooperation analogous to franchise agency agreement (only without any license fees). As the company is looking also for end users of this program system, licence agreement is suitable as well.



The main activity of Slovak company is solving complex technical problems of their clients and work on the technically challenging projects across all the industry sectors. The standard serial hardware or software is not sufficient for such projects, so they require custom made hardware and software, which works together and thus solves the particular problem of their client. The company solves such projects by development of custom hardware and software. Particular projects are so different between each other, that it is hard, almost impossible to find their common denominator. That testifies about the width of the company's abilities and the will to solve every interesting project.
The company is also offering a self developed complete serial products in various technical areas. For example the system for GPS monitoring of vehicles, or the program system designed for collection, processing and presentation of energy measurements – electrical energy, heat, water, gas etc. measured using devices distributed in the field. Regarding services, it is offering consultations in the area of electrical engineering.

The above mentioned system offers the option to make remote collection of data from electrometers, gasmeters, watermeters, heat meters etc. It is possible to evaluate data measured using the reports, which will offer quick overview about the status of the counters or energy consumption, they will enable the creation of complex statistics, the evaluation of the quality of the energy supplied, its outage or even an estimation of the energy consumption for the following time period. The system is being offered as a service (web application), the client accesses it from anywhere through the internet and it is possible to add new functions according to client's needs. The data from the system can be exported for further processing.
Presented system can be used by both single consumers as well as big companies with tenths or hundreds of operations.
The typical usage areas of the system are:
- Electricity producers with decentralized production
- Logistics and industrial areals
- Charging stations for electromobiles
- Shopping centers
System offers its users both realtime and also integral overview of the consumption of various energy types, it allows to register and divide these consumptions between particular workplaces (of a company for example) or users (of an apartment building or a shopping centre for example) as well as to calculate the overall energy consumption based on individual measurements. It contributes to a simple cost calculation and distribution and also to a costsaving. It is suitable for energy consumers which need a simple and effective tool to monitor, register and evaluate the costs of energy consumed on these measurement places. The concept allows to add practically any kind of compilation of data measured according to the client's needs and to analyze the sources, reasons and connections between various parameters and parameters of energy systems from the view of the producer, distributor and also the consumer of the electric and other energies.
The system has also a demo, so the potential partner can try and see how it looks and behaved. Demo is a 100% copy of the real system with all its functions and contains live data.

The company is looking for a complex service provider, reseller or end user. It is offering technical documents and manuals, marketing materials, support in the form of trainings and also other help (except financial). Naturally, Slovak company is offering the complete product itself for lucrative wholesale prices with big room for margin of the partner. This service provider will have absolute freedom in managing its activities.

The company is interested in finding partners (franchisees) through franchise agency agreement. The company can also offer the license to end users under the license agreement. Actually, you can find it in Type and Role of Partner Sought.

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Why is it advantageous to be the reseller or provider of the system: - High attractivity of the product for companies – because it decreases costs - Product care – it is being constantly improved and updated - Price competitiveness – high quality for reasonable prices - Small market saturation - Fast growing demand – the technology is more and more known and so also the demand grows accordingly - Zero input costs – the Slovak company is taking care of everything technical so that reseller can devote all your energy to the reselling Advantages for end-users: - Cost savings - Simple and effective tool to monitor, register and evaluate the costs of energy - Allows to add practically any kind of compilation of data measured according to the client's needs

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Already on the market

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The company is looking especially for a complex service provider, from the acquisition of clients up to the aftersales services. On the other hand, the Slovak company is open also to provide license for the program to end users. Type of partner sought: no preference Field of activity: Franchise agency agreement: no preference License agreement: end-users of this technology, who are typically electricity producers with decentralized production, logistics and industrial areals, charging stations for electromobiles or shopping centers. Role of partner: In franchise agency agreement: - The company is looking for complex reseller partner, who can help to establish and grow the brand presence on the local market. - Partner should know the local market to generate new leads and sales. - The reseller/provider does the business on his own expense and risk, analogous to the franchising model, only without any license fees. - This service provider will have absolute freedom in managing its activities. - The reseller/service provider will be in relation to Slovak company an independent subject both legally and financially. Main activities of the service provider: • Acquisition of new resellers (sub-resellers) and end clients • Complex management of the business case, from the initial contact with the client up to the contract subscription • Communication with sub-resellers and end clients • Complex care of the sub-resellers and end clients • Creation of promotional campaigns • Aftersales services for the end clients • Technical support and hotline for the end clients • Optional: creation of new use cases for the product In license agreement, it is expected from the partner to: - adaption of this system via license agreement, - commercialization of this technology and the use of technology in praxis.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500