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Slovak IT company offers its complex development services (e.g. digitalisation, e-commerce, e-learnig, gaming apps, etc.) under subcontracting agreement

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The Slovak supplier of complex IT development services is looking for cooperation with companies in need for digitalization or with suppliers of IT solutions to do the partial work under subcontracting agreement. The main experience of the company is in web development, e-commerce and e-learnign solutions, web, mobile, gaming apps, process digitalization, information systems and software development, innovative apps and new technologies.



The company was established in 2011 as a game development company. Later its portfolio expanded to IT industry business as such. Nowadays, the company is the software development company offering complex development services for various companies, including gaming platforms, depending on client´s requirements.

Through the discussion and consultations with the client, the company gets to understand client´s business, assesses its needs and suggests how to enhance it digitally.

The company works with Wordpress, Qlik, SAP Hybris, WooCommerce, php, yii, java, microsoft.NET, etc.

The services of the company are mainly in the area of:
- web development
- e-commerce solutions
- e-learning solutions
- web, mobile, gaming applications
- process digitalization (system intergrations, customized applications, data-mining softwares, ...)
- information systems and software development
- innovative applications and new technologies (SaaS - software as a service applications, gaming - mobile , web, desktop and console games; VR - virtual reality/AR - augmented reality, etc.).

There are 17 full time employees in the company.

The company is looking for cooperation with supplier(s) in IT industry and businesses in search for customized IT solutions, digitalization, change of processes, etc. in order to provide them with most accurate solutions under subcontracting agreement.

The company has international experience working for clients and partners in Germany, Czech Republic, UK and US as well as with variety of clients in Slovakia.

Their potential partners are sought in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, France, US but other countries are not excluded.

Advantages & innovations

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- An experienced team of 17 people working with Wordpress, Qlik, SAP Hybris, WooCommerce, php, yii, java, microsoft.NET, etc. - Complex work cycle - Experience with international projects Complete software solutions: - Tailored to suit your needs (regardless of the product, they will prepare a solution exactly according to your needs) - Optimization (they are constantly looking for new ways to improve the result. They optimize solutions to be fast and efficient) - Compatibility (All our products are ready to be extended and expanded) - Honest development (With software development, they adhere to all standards and principles to keep it running smoothly) - Clear solutions (they focus on simplicity and a clear user interface) - Security first (Only a safe product is a reliable product. They take care of that)

Partner sought

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The company can cooperate with other IT company/ies on complex projects or handle the demands of companies/clients on its own. That is why they are looking either to establish cooperation with companies that are in need of digitalization, change of processes etc. themselves or become a subcontractor for partial parts of complex projects where their team of IT professionals would play the role of a subcontractor.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, USA