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Slovak producer of boccia ramps for people with severe disablitities is looking for distributors

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The Slovak company that produces ramps that help people with severe physical handicap to play boccia sport is looking for new partners (a business entity, an e-shop, a network of „stone“ shops, a non-profit organization, a sports club, and the like) to establish distribution services agreements.



The owner of the company during his university studies used to be a personal assistant for people with severe disabilities. Thus he got to the paralympic sport - boccia. He became a sport assistant for players with physical disabilities, later a boccia coach and a certified national referee.

In the meantime, he took part in many domestic and international tournaments and became fully acquainted with the game and the needs of athletes. He wrote a book about boccia and in 2013 he established a company and started to sell sports equipment for boccia sport.

Today, the company of 8 people develops professional sports equipment not only for boccia, but also for other sports for people with various disabilities.

The company develops, produces and sells sports equipment for people with disabilities, especially those with physical disabilities. The main focus is on the paralympic sport boccia.

The main product are boccia ramps. Boccia ramp is used by boccia players with the most severe physical handicap. If the athlete cannot physically throw the boccia balls into play, they use the boccia ramp. This gives the ball both speed and the direction. The ramp is controlled by sports assistant of the player according to the commands of the player.

The company produces also practical and image suitcases for boccia ramps for safe storage and convenient transportation. Here, too, the customer chooses a color or a combination of colors or engraving of his own logo.

The boccia ramps and other sports equipment are used by amateurs and successful athletes, champions with disabilities, already in 30 countries of the world on 5 continents.

Users of the products are amateur and registered players and athletes with disabilities.

In some cases, the customers and clients are the users themselves as individuals, but also their sports clubs, sports associations and federations, civic associations and other non-profit organizations, social service homes, hospitals, cities and towns and the like.
The company exports its products to 30 countries of the world on 5 continents. The company has its reliable distributor in France and would like to start new distribution relationships in order to strengthen its presence on foreign markets.

The company is looking for distributors all around the world to sign the distribution services agreement.

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There are 6 different types of boccia frames from different materials, different designs, different uses and different prices on offer. They are intended for a wide range of players from amateurs to top athletes, international and world champions - paralympionics. The basic version tardeted at free time beginners is offered at the cost of about 300 Euros, the exclusive range for professionals for about 2000 Euros. There is a wide variety of choices in between. The specialty of boccia frame is their possible personalization. The athlete can choose one of the 6 basic types of frames. Furthermore, they can choose to adjust the appearance, materials and functionality of the device. The company offers a variety of colors to choose from. The exclusive ramp has up to 190 surface colors and their various combinations on offer. Possibilty to have the own name or sports club logo on the ramp body engraved is also provided.

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The company offers products of proven quality sought by athletes from many countries of Europe and the rest of the world. The reliable service and fair dealing is guaranteed from the company´s side and expected from the side of new distributors. The company would like to establish cooperation with partners willing and able to reach customers in their entrusted region and achieve regular sales. The company expects from new business partners, after some start-up time, to distribute the products on a regular basis in a minimum agreed quantity. The recommended amount of products will depend on the size of the entrusted region and the length of cooperation. The company is looking for foreign business partners who would buy the products at wholesale prices and sell them in their business territory. The company covers sales in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, it already has a reliable distributor for France and the neighboring French-speaking regions. Any other countries can be covered by new business partner that could be a business entity, an e-shop, a network of „stone“ shops, a non-profit organization, a sports club, and the like.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250