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A Slovak producer of premium cider is looking for a foreign distributor

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Soft drinks and bottling plants
Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines


A premium craft cider manufacturer from Slovakia following traditional methods of production is looking for a distributor in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, UK and Ireland. The company is producing from pure apple juice without any artificial flavours and aromas. Its cider is made only from natural ingredients from the local fruit orchards. This Slovak SME is interested in a distribution services agreement.



A Slovak family company began in 2011 with the idea of excess of harvest of apples in their small orchard located in the middle of the Štiavnica Mountains, well known for its mining history. The company has been operating in the Slovak market since 2013 and become one of the best cider makers in Slovakia.

The whole production is based on their special recipe with 100% natural ingredients and cider is made of pure apple juice. There are no artificial flavours or aromas added into the cider. Cider ages in the tanks at least 6 months to gain better taste and aroma. The foundation of their production is the right selection of high-quality ingredients, used technologies and special family recipe.

Their production range consists of pure apple cider – dry, pure apple cider – semi-sweet, black currant cider, elderflower cider and special edition cider (cider additionally fermented and aged in the bottle).

Their products achieved many awards in international competitions such as The Great Taste Award, The International Beer Festival Budweis, The International Cider Challenge. Therefore, the company can see a big potential on the foreign markets and can expand to abroad since the Slovak market has not been sufficient yet. This producer is interested in the distribution services agreement and cooperation with business partners from the agrofood sector. The company is able to produce 80.000 bottles per year with ability to double it by one year.

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The company appears to be competitive based on the results of several national and international contests below: - The Great Taste 2018 1* - apple cider dry - The Great Taste 2019 1* - black currant cider - 1st place at the prestigious International Beer Festival Budweis 2018 and 2019 (The Gold Cider Seal 2018 – apple cider semi-sweet, The Gold Cider Seal 2019 - apple cider semi-sweet) - 2nd place at the prestigious International Beer Festival Budweis 2019 (The Silver Cider Seal 2019 – special edition cider) - Silver medal at the International Cider Challenge 2019 – black currant cider - Silver medal at the International Cider Challenge 2019 – apple cider semi-sweet Other advantages include high quality product made of pure apple juice. No concentrate, no artificial flavours and aromas. Healthy drinking as it contains vitamin C and nutrients which cause positive changes in the gut flora. Gluten free, vegan friendly.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for a distributor of beverages in before mentioned foreign countries to conclude a distribution services agreement. The partner should be focused on either craft cider or craft beer markets. Business partner should be a distributor with clients such as bars, pubs, restaurants or small chains stores. The production capacity is at level of 80.000 bottles per year with ability to double it by one year.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom