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Slovak research institute has developed a biological plant protection product.

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The biological plant protection product is a carrier for biologically active organism designed to protect plants against insect pests based on entomopathogenic fungus ingredient and was developed at Slovak research institute in Zvolen region in the area of forestry. The preferred cooperation type is license agreement, as the institute is oriented only towards research activities.



The carrier of the biologically active organism developed at forestry oriented research institute in Zvolen in Slovakia belongs to the field of plant protection against insect pests. It comprises a mixture of dry component and eggs, wherein the dry component is a mixture of bran and flour. The biologically active organism is entomopathogenic fungi whose mycelium is located on the surface and inside the carrier and is producing spores which are capable of killing target species of insect pest. A similar medium has probably not yet been developed.
In this way, it is possible to maintain a biologically active entomopathogenic fungus in the natural environment for almost the entire vegetation period (several months), which represents a significant prolongation of the effectiveness compared to spray solution or so-called hard carrier comprising only wheat grains. The technology has been tested in real conditions and is ready for demonstration.

The institute is looking for partners to cooperate with via license agreement or via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The main advantage of the presented biological plant protection product is the long survival of the fungus in the carrier and no frequent regular inspection and collection of captured beetles is required, e.g. in traps. Simple application in the field and affordable price of the final product are another benefits of the technology.

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Field tested/evaluated

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The institute is seeking an industrial partner for licensing the technology. Field of activity: The invention belongs to the field of agriculture anf forestry.. Role of partner: - license agreement - the licensing and commercionalization of this technology is sought