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Slovak SME developing technologies for mass renewable energy production is looking for partners focused on Wind Turbines, River & Tidal Turbines, Energy Storage and Wave Energy Converter under technical cooperation or financial agreement

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Slovak based company is active in the field of renewable energy and innovative energy storage solutions. Company technologies are focused on renewable energy sources and based on the same principle - the axle-less rotor floating and rotating on the water surface. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation assistance or financial agreement.



A Slovak innovative startup has developed an energy storage solution wich allows the improvement of energy efficiency with proprietary and patented technology - Energy Storage / Grid balancer (ES), Wave Energy Converter (WEC), Wind turbine (WT), Water/river/tidal turbine (RT). All technologies can serve as a stand alone or they can create so called comprehensive solution that is able to produce, store and balance energy avoiding the threats of black outs and energy grid damages.

Energy Storage / Grid balancer:
Company used axleless principle of flywheel, where compared to conventional flywheels is replaced the axle magnetic bearings and using only water surface as a bearing.

Wave Energy Converter (WEC)
The principle of the WEC is that the company also used rotation for producing the electricity. Energy is collected from bigger area than other current technologies operating only in one point (Buoys) or in one line (Pelamis).

Wind Turbines (same for Water Stream/Tidal Turbines)
The principle of Wind turbine is also based on rotor rotation floatable on water surface. The technology is extraordinary in the way that company replaced the pylon of turbines, that becomes a burden for conventional producers.

Due to the axles principle, the technologies are scalable and company can produce or store energy in many MWh’s. Company is using only affordable water as a bearing for rotor rotation and in the storage, is used water also as a heavy mass for kinetic rotation instead of expensive carbon cylinder being used in conventional flywheels.

Development of these technologies is focused to support the transition towards a sustainable, stable, flexible and manageable energy system

Company is using no chemistry (compared to batteries), hazardous substances, reducing GHG and contribute to energy efficiency and security.

The technologies are scalable and applicable all around the world, focused on countries with energy consumption demand and investments to volatile renewables sources.

The company is looking for industrial partners and renewables producers interested in improving their energy efficiency.
The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation assistance or financial agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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Energy Storage: can store 10 to 100 times more energy than a classic flywhell for a third of the investment cost, does not use dangerous toxic substances as chemical batteries and does not interfere with nature as hydro pumped storage plants. Due to the rotary feature ideal for auxilliary services avoiding grid damages and possibility of black-outs. Wave Energy Converter: does not convert the oscillating motion of the sea waves to other oscillating motion (as competing solutions do), but converts the oscillating motion into the most efficient rotational motion. It captures wave energy from a large area and converts it into a single rotating element. Independent of waves lenght. Wind Turbine: together with the self-adjusting blade, it overcomes the problem of existing vertical turbine solutions, turbine start-up and maintaining high speed of turns. Using a floating rotor, company can build a WT with a power 10-100 times higher than the maximum power of the WT (10-15 MW). Power generation does not depend on one large and heavy generator, which must be with difficulties brought to a huge height, but on a system of tens and hundreds of small generators at the water level, where the conditions for installation and maintenance are much simpler. In the case of a failure, it is not necessary to shut down the entire turbine, but only the individual generators. Tidal Turbine: applies as in the case of the Wind Turbine regarding the self-adjusting blade, the start and running of the turbine is perfect, the captured (swept) area is not circular as in horizontal turbines, but rectangular, technological part, generators are located not in deep sea water but on water level, where installation and maintenance are much more easier and cheaper. All company technologies are based on one patent.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company is looking for partners with know-how, track record and expertises in the field of renewable energy focusing on Wind Turbines, River & Tidal Turbines, Energy Storage and Wave Energy Converter and optimalization. The company is interested in various agreements with different kinds of partners: Commercial agreements with technical assistance with technology integrators and engineering companies. In the case of technical cooperation agreement - the aim of the cooperation is to develop the patented product further and subsequently commercialise the results. The company is also looking for a financial agreement with third-party financers.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500