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Slovak software company is offering a smart and secure IoT platform and is looking for partners to cooperate via commercial agency agreement or outsourcing agreement

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Highly innovative Slovak company has developed first complex Smart and Secure IoT platform to bring order, logic and clarity of points of difference to the jumbled IoT platform market. The company is looking for partners who would like to use their platform - via commercial agency agreement or outsourcing agreement.



Innovative Slovak company is active in research and development of IoT platform.

The platform is optimized to be embedded into a broad range of IoT gateways for maximum efficiency and speed, but our unique "platform agnostic" architecture allows implementations on any standard IT infrastructure or in the cloud.

The platform enables to:
• collect streaming and batch data from any source,
• build automated data flows to transform, analyse and integrate using pre-built modules and connectors,
• enrich, clean, prepare and normalize the data,
• make Big Data small with advanced filtering, aggregation, and compression,
• move processed and analysed data continuously to IT infrastructure or dashboard,
• build applications with an easy drag-and-drop designer make innovation easy and faster than ever,
• add Machine Learning models to detect outliers and anomalies in real-time with standard or custom algorithms,
• configure business rules and conditions triggers,
• build drag-and-drop real-time dashboards to analyse data and control devices,
• create notification systems, including warnings and alarms,
• simplify the ongoing management of all IoT devices in the ecosystem,
• secure the data and devices with unsupervised Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence security solution.

The platform is developing with a strong focus on platform-level technologies in the field of connectivity, processing, security, integrability, interoperability, composability, data management, analytics, resiliency and standards.

The platform contains analytical software tools including all the necessary features for data management, data collection and processing, temporary storage, and real-time analysis.

IoT platform performs:
• connectivity: Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS) that offer coverage capabilities and solutions for connecting the IoT device, managing and orchestrating connectivity for connected IoT devices,
• device management: PaaS that handle tasks to ensure connected devices are deployed, configured and kept up-to-date with regular firmware/software updates,
• cloud services: PaaS - scalable enterprise-grade backend for data management of IoT applications and services,
• application enablement: PaaS that offers solutions enabling developers rapidly create, test and deploy an IoT application or service,
• advanced analytics: PaaS that offers solutions for sophisticated analytics tools including machine learning techniques and streaming analytics capabilities to extract actionable insights from IoT data,
• edge computing: the platform is optimized to be embedded into a broad range of IoT gateways,
• security: Security solution monitors network traffic and can detect unusual outward data traffic, activity on unusual ports, attempt to break the password, unauthorized use of administrator access, anonymization network usage, or new or unusual device on the network.

The Slovak company is looking for partners who would like to use their platform. They prefer two types of cooperation - commercial agency agreement and outsourcing agreement. Type and role of a partner is specified in the Partner Sought.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The key innovation is the technology of platform agnostic SW, with unique low CPU and RAM consumption architecture, embedded fast NoSQL database and integrated unsupervised Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence security solution. The main advantages: • Unique SW architecture - modular architecture is designed to meet the complex architecture of future IoT applications, • Industrial Standards - Modbus, MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS, CoAP, (D)TLS, REST, NATS, CAN bus, MODBUS, Profibus, SDA-12, RS485, OPC DA, OPC UAAMQP, XMPP, DDS, LWM2M, • No installation – web browser user interface, • No Code programming – drag and drop designer, • Security - unsupervised Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence security solution, • Embedded database - embedded, fast and persistent, small-footprint database optimized for performance and reliability.

Partner sought

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Type of cooperation: The Slovak company is developing the platform for different market segments for private sector, for small, medium and large companies. Field of industry: no preference. Role: The cooperation with partner would be provided via: - Commercial agency agreement (with technical assistance is sought) - partners who will use their platform, - Outsourcing agreement (mentioned IoT platform can be also outsourced, Slovak company can provide assistant services)

Type and size

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500