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Slovenian company – supplier of products for pharmacy, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology is offering a Distribution services agreement.

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Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
Wholesale of other intermediate products


A Slovenian supplier - distributor of certified high-end products on the field of pharmacy, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology is expanding its distribution activities in different EU countries, especially in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy and UK. The potential customers are mainly from the sectors of medicine and pharmacy.



The company is distributing services based on its own know-how and the products of different producers under its common brand name.
The experts in the company are currently upgrading their experience and know-how by applying specific approaches used in individual supply projects. Their marketing activities are oriented toward the new business partnerships which are contributing to the favourable sales results and the business prosperity of the company.
Description of the provided products and services :

Distribution of products for laboratories
The company’s catalogue includes: bioprocess single-use connectors, bioprocess accessories, different types of tubing, syringes, needles, bioreactor spare parts, custom assemblies for bioprocesses, and other laboratory accessories. These are so-called high-end products with all certificates that are required in the concerned industrial processes.
Custom build and designed products
The products can be made of aluminium, plastic or any other material. A special product represent the custom-built parts made of aluminium, such as spare parts for bioreactors and other machinery inside of the laboratory.
The offer of the company includes also the customised bioprocess kits, which can be plugged into the bioreactor for fluid addition, inoculation and filtration. They are built of different hoses and connectors.

Consulting as support in the research and development process:

Running the bioprocesses, choosing the right equipment, removing of the old equipment, searching for new and corresponding experts and being “in line” with new technologies are the supporting activities that can be performed by the company.

The company is searching for new business partners in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy and UK. The potential business partner should be from the sectors of medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology and food-processing.

Advantages & innovations

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The company is an active player and supplier of different food processing, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. They are especially focused on custom built solutions, such as single-use fluid management systems and tubing assemblies. Its experts can fully adapt to the individual requirements of the customers and help them to execute their projects by using company’s know how and innovative solutions. .

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for potential business partners who would be interested in taking over the distribution of the described products and services on their local market These should preferably be a reliable, cooperative and long-term partners with their own distribution network on the field of medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, chemistry and food-processing.

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251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom