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Slovenian company, active in upholstery and specialized in polyurethane foam cutting, is offering its services and expertise under manufacturing, subcontracting or outsourcing agreements

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Slovenian micro-company is specialized in upholstery and in polyurethane foam cutting. The company uses technologically advanced cutting machines for foam cutting as well as technologically advanced sewing machines, and is willing to serve other companies that require such services. Manufacturing agreements, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements are sought.



The Slovenian company is a micro-company, and is active primarily in upholstery. The company started its business activity in the late 1970s/early 1980s to gradually become a well-recognized micro-company on the domestic market.

The company has actively participated in a number of large international projects, and is looking for new business opportunities with companies that are looking for upholstery services for chairs, recliners and related products in a number of settings such as sports centers, conference halls and theaters, as well as in different types of industries including the car industry (cars, campervans and motorhomes), boating and marine industry etc.

In particular, the company has a rich know-how in different segments of upholstery, including traditional upholstery (upholstery of seats, chairs, sofas and mattresses), upholstery for the automobile industry (upholstery of car interiors, car carpets, interiors of caravans) as well as in upholstery for businesses. Furthermore, the company successfully collaborates in the refurbishment of cinemas, theaters and cultural complexes; it is active in providing upholstery services for restaurants, dining rooms, bars and cafeterias (in recent years, the company has been successfully involved in related projects in Germany, in the Scandinavian countries and in the US).

In addition to the mentioned business offer, the Slovenian company is also specialized in polyurethane foam cutting. Fruitful investments enabled the company to acquire the latest technology comprising a technologically advanced cutting machine for foam cutting as well as technologically advanced sewing machines, and is thus willing to serve other companies from the EU that require such service.

With the aim to expand its business activities and find new partnership opportunities abroad, the Slovenian company is looking for partners to work with under manufacturing, subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.

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Advantages include, among others: • use of a holistic »A to Z« approach to business, meaning that chairs, sofas and recliners can be designed, manufactured and then delivered to customers rapidly and without delays; • ability to perform difficult and complex projects that require expertise in upholstery; • use of the latest technologies, machines and technological devices – such as new, technologically advanced foam cutting machine and also technologically advanced sewing machines; • more than 30 years of experience on the domestic market as well as significant collaborations on international projects; • a high level of flexibility.

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Already on the market

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The offer should be of interest to companies active in the automobile industry, boating industry as well as to any company in relevant industries looking for upholstery products and services. Interested business partners would benefit from the offer of the Slovenian company to provide upholstery of seats for cars and interiors of caravans and other vehicles, as well as upholstery of cockpits, seats and internal spaces of boats and yachts. In addition, the Slovenian company is offering to become a subcontractor for companies requiring such services or within larger projects in which the upholstery of seats, sofas and furniture for offices, hotel rooms, conference halls, theaters, lobbies and reception areas, restaurants and other similar spaces is required.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250